Spheres of Activities
Products and Services

  •     Comprehensive design, manufacture, test and shipment of industrial Monitoring and Control Systems based on the state-of-the-art industrial hardware and software platforms and technologies
  •     Industrial I&C Information and Control Systems "turn-key"
  •     I&C system and functional design. I&C Hardware and Software Platforms
  •     Design and manufacture of industrial I&C electronic hardware
  •     Development of I&C system and application software
  •     System and Device test. Certification
  •     System and equipment maintenance and repair during their operation. Service Center
  •     Training of Customer's personnel
  •     Rendering services to enterprises on Quality Management Systems' development that meet the requirements specified in International Standard ISO 9001:2008

Comprehensive Design, Manufacture, Test and Shipment of Industrial Monitoring and Control Systems
Based on the State-of-the-Art Industrial Hardware and Software Platforms and Technologies

The core business of Westron's activities is the comprehensive design and "turn-key" of I&C Control and Monitoring Systems for nuclear and fossil power plants and other industrial applications.

NPP Units Computer Information Systems and Safety Parameter Display Systems, NPP Steam Generator Level Control Systems, Turbine Generator Control Systems, I&C Clock Sync Systems and other systems could serve to be examples of the systems implemented by Westron.

Westron provides the following project works on design and delivery of the Control Systems:

  •     Development of technical and commercial proposals submitted to Customer
  •     Development of system technical requirements
  •     Project management, development of split of works between the parties involved in the project (jointly with the Customer), development of project contract scheme, tracing of contracts concluded with subcontractors involved in the project
  •     Development of the system hardware and software configuration
  •     Development of the system functional software
  •     Development of technical and design documentation in compliance with the applicable standards and Customer's requirements
  •     Purchase of components and manufacture of hardware
  •     System hardware and software integration
  •     Integrated system test
  •     Verification and validation
  •     Certification and licensing
  •     Delivery of system to Customer
  •     System supervision on site
  •     Start-up
  •     System commissioning in compliance with the applicable rules and requirements of the Customer
  •     System maintenance during its operation

The above listed works are provided in the full scope or partially to meet the demands of the Customer.

Industrial I&C Information and Control Systems "Turn-Key"

I&C Monitoring/Information & Control Systems "turn-key" for nuclear and fossil power plants and other industrial applications is the basic line of Westron's business.
Westron provides the development and implementation of the wide range of I&C systems for various applications, including:

  •     Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  •     Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS)
  •     Control Systems
  •     Normal Operation Systems (NOS)
  •     Safety Systems
  •     Control Rods
  •     In-Core Monitoring Systems (SVRK)
  •     Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS)
  •     Turbine Generator Monitoring Systems (TGMS)
  •     Clock Sync Systems (CSS)
  •     Diagnostics Systems
  •     Automated Chemistry Control Systems (ACCS)
  •     Simulators and Software Development Systems

I&C systems built by Westron are based on the most advanced industrial hardware and software platforms and technologies, including own platforms developed by Westron, Westinghouse, Emerson, ABB platforms and platforms of other well known companies.

I&C System and Functional Design.
I&C Hardware and Software Platforms

The most advanced hardware and software platforms employed by Westron allow to develop versatile I&C systems to satisfy all demands of the Customers.

Westron provides the design and manufacture of the advanced hardware and various electronic devices that may be applied for the development of a wide range of industrial I&C systems. Effective base software provides hardware integration into the system, system configuration and other I&C universal functions. In the process of system design and checkout powerful facilities for system automated design, verification and validation are applied.

"Vulcan" hardware ("Vulcan" Hardware Technical Requirements AUIC.460600.001) and "Vulcan-M" hardware ("Vulcan-M" Hardware Technical Requirements AUIC.460800.002) manufactured by Westron have passed successfully all the required tests and hold Certificates of Compliance to the requirements of the applicable safety standards of Ukraine and Russia.

While "Vulkan-M" hardware designing, Westron effectively applies years of experience and practices gained in industrial I&C design as well as the advanced tendencies in electronics and the up-to-date approaches in system design. We paid close attention to minimization of cost of the systems based on "Vulkan-M" platform and to improvement of the systems performance.

"Vulcan" and "Vulcan-M" platforms are designed for the development of I&C systems of various configurations, including redundant (fault tolerant) systems for industrial I&C systems (for NPPs, thermal power plants, chemical enterprises, etc.).
Design and Manufacture of Industrial I&C Electronic Hardware

All electronic devices developed by Westron offer high level of performance and enable design of industrial advanced Monitoring and Control Systems feature excellent performance to fully comply with all the requirements of the regulatory documents.

Westron has developed and manufactured the following base equipment:

  •     I&C low level controllers
  •     System upper level workstations, including workstations for operators and maintenance personnel of industrial enterprises and Computation, History and Log Servers
  •     I&C network equipment
  •     I&C systems clock equipment
  •     Power supplies
  •     Electronic hardware cabinets
  •     Electronic modules, devices and instruments for design of specific systems providing interface with the equipment and I&C systems being currently in operation

Development of I&C System and Application Software

I&C systems efficiency, reliability, functional capabilities and possibility to tailor basic software and hardware to the requirements of the specific system are provided greatly by the software.

Powerful and effective software platforms (base software) that Westron applies for its activities ensure the following:

  •     I&C systems operation in rigid real time
  •     Effective application of I&C hardware in redundant and non-redundant configurations
  •     Effective development, debugging and verification of I&C application software
  •     Implementation of universal functions by hardware and software configuration

The I&C system Customer is provided with the base software for maintenance and upgrade of the systems in operation.

Basic subsystems of the base software:

  •     MMI subsystem configurable software
  •     Log subsystem configurable software
  •     HSR subsystem configurable software
  •     Computational subsystem configurable software
  •     External interfaces subsystem configurable software
  •     Engineer subsystem configurable software
  •     System clocks sync software
  •     Software tools for development and configuring of I&C application software
  •     Controllers configurable software

Modular software provides flexibility in distribution of functions between work stations and servers, and allows to assign some high level drops for implementation of functions that require resources consumption or combine several functions in one drop to reduce the hardware quantity.

Base software developed by Westron (VMS) or its separate subsystems (packages) may be supplied to other I&C systems designers.

System and Device Test. Certification

The systems and devices developed and supplied by Westron are subjected to all kinds of tests prescribed by the appropriate applicable standards and regulatory documents. The scopes of FAT performed on Westron's facilities with the participation of the Customer's representatives and SAT performed on Customer's site guarantee that Westron's products meet technical specifications and requirements of the Customer.

System hardware holds safety certificates according to UkrSEPRO system, including:

  •     trauma safety
  •     electrical safety
  •     fire protection
  •     acoustic noise
  •     electromagnetic compatibility

The above certificates are provided to the Customer with the supplied products.
System and Equipment Maintenance and Repair
During Their Operation.  Westron Service Center

Westron's Service Center provides for maintenance and repair of systems delivered to Customers by Westron during all the period of their operation.
The Westron Service Center is staffed with the Westron best experts. The Westron Service Center is equipped with a most up-to-date equipment which makes it possible for Westron to perform automatic trouble-shooting when in repair of electronics. A most high level of repair works performance is guaranteed.

Any piece of equipment delivered by Westron is covered by rendering technical service and repair during the total service life of the piece of equipment. At wish of its customers Westron provides supplies of the products consumed in the process of the systems' functioning.

The Westron Service Center participates in rendering technical service and repair to the systems based on WDPF and Eagle technologies (Westinghouse). The systems are functioning in nuclear power units of Russia, Lithuania, Czechia and Great Britain.

If You want more information on the systems developed and manufactured by Westron, or on the services rendered by the Westron Service Center then the only thing You need to do is to get in contact with us.
Service Center is equipped with the equipment that provides for automatic electronic devices and boards troubleshooting as well as with the up-to-date equipment for assemble/disassemble of radio components in the process of repair.
The Westron Service Center performs the totality of works on rendering technical service and repair to all the systems and equipment manufactured delivered by Westron to its customers.
                                                Training of Customer's Personnel

Westron has created the Training Center where Westron's experts provide training of Customer's
personnel how to operate the systems developed and delivered by Westron.

Training programs, courses, methods, and materials in the Russian language have been developed.
Training is provided on the special Training System.
Rendering Services to Enterprises on Quality Management Systems' Development
That Meet the Requirements Specified in International Standard ISO 9001:2008

Westron provides services to enterprises on QMS development, implementation and control to meet the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. QMS may be developed to cover the specific applicable nuclear requirements, if required.

Westron's services includes:

  •     Advices on the development of enterprise QA organization chart
  •     Advices on QMS planning
  •     QMS document lists creation
  •     Issue of QA guidelines and basic QMS procedures
  •     QMS implementation and control at the enterprise

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