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Consortium makes way for limited liability company


WESTRON, a key component of BNFL-owned Westinghouse's future, has marked its sixth anniversary by reorganizing from a consortium to a limited liability company in Ukraine.

The move is the latest step of the plan to position Westron as an important player in Westinghouse's overall strategy to remain competitive in the nuclear instrumentation and control (I&C) market.

Owned in partnership by Westinghouse (60%) and Khartron (40%) of Ukraine, Westron will benefit from this conversion by having greater flexibility and control of its investments and assets.

Ukraine is extremely important in commercial nuclear power being second only to Russia in the number of installed and operating Russian-designed reactors.

By participating in the modernization of nuclear I&C in Ukraine, Westinghouse can consolidate itself as a major player in the Russian-designed reactor market. Positioning a joint venture in Ukraine was the first significant step in achieving that.

In 1994, seeing the possibilities for nuclear power in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Westinghouse applied for and received the first grant issued under the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program to dismantle weapons in the FSU.

Funded by the U.S. government and administered by the U.S. defense department, the program was targeted to convert companies active in the FSU military-industrial complex to commercial applications.

Assisted by this funding and technology transfer from Westinghouse, Westron became the first company to install an I&C system based on Western technology in a Ukrainian nuclear power plant (NPP).

With the commissioning in 1996 of a computer information system at South Ukraine Unit 1, the company also played a significant role in Westinghouse's successful proposal to the U.S. DOE to provide special display systems for the Ukrainian VVER-1000 plants.

Following the installation in 2001 of the last two systems the company will have achieved the significant milestone of having installed an I&C systems at each operating VVER-1000 and RBMK unit in Ukraine.


The success of these projects has proved the company's capability and value to the overall Westinghouse strategy.

Westinghouse has also used Westron personnel on projects at the Temelin, Leningrad, and Ignalina NPPs, and has made the company an integral part of its planning for the Kozloduy and Ringhals projects.

Furthermore, Westinghouse is using the company as a source of highly competent, cost efficient engineering resources to run other I&C projects worldwide.

Looking to the future, Westinghouse and Westron are now working hard to participate in the completion of the Khmelnitsky 2 and Rovno 4 VVER-1000 units in Ukraine.

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