"Time" ("VREMIA") newspaper,
No. 132 of November 24, 2001



Visit of Westinghouse Electric Co representatives to Kharkov lasted exactly for twenty-four hours. The time of staying in Kharkov was spent on calling on Kharkov Physics Engineering Institute, meeting with Head of Kharkov Region State Administration. It is only stands to reason that a certain time was given to consider the activities performed by Westron (founded by Westinghouse Co and Hartron Co).

More than 10 years passed since the time when Westinghouse representatives paid their first visit to Kharkov. At the time the Westinghouse, one of the biggest nuclear companies across the world, saw for itself far-reaching perspectives in cooperation with Hartron Co in the field of creation of Information & Control Systems (ICS) for the purpose of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. A little later one more mutual project was launched that time it was co-project with the afore-said Kharkov Physics Engineering Institute. The project named as Nuclear Fuel Qualificartion is also purposed for Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Westron LLC was established in 1994. It took Westron two years to master the most advanced basic technologies on ICS creation that were transferred to Westron by Westinghouse. In some last years the ICS equipment manufactured by Westron was installed and started to operate successfully in all the five NPPs of Ukraine. At the moment the systems manufactured by Westron are also installed in nuclear power plants of Russia, Czechia, Sweden, Bulgaria

Side by side with this the Westron staffers performed a number of works that are not related directly to the field of peaceful atom. For example, Westron manufactured Feed Water Control System (FWCS) for the purpose of South-Ukraine NPP.

Mr. Fernando Nareido, Westinghouse Electric Co President:

We are proud of our partners, both of Hartron Co and Westron Co. Our intention is to continue to develop cooperation between the Sides

To all appearances, the Westinghouse representatives of high standing paid their visit to Ukraine because they had a certain anxiety for perspectives of the cooperation. One can say, thus far there are no problems in current developments of Program on Nuclear Technologies Transfer (at the moment, within the project frames, a group of technical experts from Kharkov is undergoing appropriate training in USA). But the current situation about Westron does not seem to be an equally good one. According to certain sources of information, it is possible that European Bank of Reconstruction & Development will take over financing of the works on completion of construction of Rivno NPP and Khmelnitsk NPP. If such a case, one can expect that a contract award on manufacture of ICS for the NPPs could be commissioned to a company of Western Europe. Though, Westron can perform the works at equally good level and for less money.

The issue was given its consideration at the meeting taken place between Mr. Kushnariov, Head of Kharkov Region State Administration and the Westinghouse delegation. The Sides have gone on a trip to Kiev to advocate the opinion.

Author: Matvei Schuckin

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