SPDS for the purpose of Chernobyl NPP Unit 3

Over January 28-29, the interagency acceptance tests were conducted at the Chernobyl NPP of Ukraine. Based on the acceptance tests' results, a corresponding Statement on putting the Safety Parameters' Display System (SPDS) into pilot operation was signed. The SPDS is to render a required information support to the operating staff in determining a resulting influence exerted upon the functions critical for the Power Unit safety.

The tests were conducted following the contents of Tests' Plans and Procedures developed by the NPP Technological Process Complex Automation Systems' Department that is a branch company of the Research & Design Institute of Power Engineering Facilities (below in this text named as "NIKIET") (Russia, Moscow). The SPDS equipment was delivered to the Chernobyl NPP in September 1998 by Consortium Westron (Ukraine, Kharkov). The SPDS functional design and software were developed jointly by NIKIET and Westinghouse (USA). Westron developed the required technical documentation, also assembled and tested the SPDS hardware.
The SPDS Project was funded by the USA Department of Energy. Contractor for the Project was Westinghouse. Also, Westinghouse was Manufacturer and Supplier of the SPDS completing componenets.

Installation and assembling works on the ChNPP Unit 3 SPDS were done jointly by Westron, ChNPP and GEM Co. (Ukraine), within the period of September 18 - October 12, 1998. Quality of the supplied SPDS equipment was inspected in November 1998 by Westinghouse and Parsons Power Co. (USA).

The works on provision of the required power supply system and the SPDS energizing were performed within the period of October 1998 - January 1999 jointly by Russian and Ukrainian companies, also by the Chernobyl NPP.

The NIKIET, before performance of the aforesaid interagency acceptance tests (January 26-27, 1999), conducted, with the technical assistance from Westron, autonomous and complex testing. The SPDS was commissioned by Westinghouse and Parsons Power. This was fixed by issuing a corresponding Protocol on SPDS Commissioning signed by the parties.

Putting the ChNPP-3 SPDS into pilot running provides for a possibility to evaluate the safety level of the Power Unit. The evaluation is based on monitoring of the most important parameters, also on calculation of the required indices. The information gives the Main Control Room operators possibilities to detect quickly any abnormal conditions, also to do analysis and diagnostics of the abnormalities, to determine measures aimed at the abnormalities' removal, to monitor the Power Unit response to the measures taken.

Thus, putting the SPDS into operation adds to the ChNPP-3 safety and operational efficiency.

Tests of Additional Reactor Protection Circuit on Ignalina NPP

In period from May 9 to May 24, 1999 Westron together with the personnel of Ignalina NPP and representatives of Westinghouse participated in tests of Ignalina NPP Unit 1 Additional Reactor Protection Circuit (ARPC).

The tests are successfully completed.

ARPC is developed by Westinghouse on the basis of WDPF equipment and includes two subsystems: 1E Protection System; Non 1 Auxiliary System.

In the same period Westron carried out the training of NPP personnel on the program "User of WDPF Engineer Station".

Ukrainian and American Conference in Kharkiv

On May 27-31, 1999 in Kharkiv within the framework of realization of the Ukrainian and American project "Kharkiv initiative" a business and investment conference in the field of power was held. The conference was a large event of the bilateral Ukrainian and American relations. In this conference participated the deputy minister of power of Ukraine Mikhail Umanets, President of National Nuclear Power Company "Energoatom" Nikolay Dudchenko and other top level representatives of ministries and departments of Ukraine.

From the American side participatied the Ambassador of USA in Ukraine Steven Pfifer, top level representatives of Department of State of the USA and Administration of the US President.

In the conference also took part the representative delegations of business circles of USA with participation of about 80 leading companies engaged in power generation and representing adjacent sectors of economy.

"Hartron-Enkos" design and production enterprise and "Westron" consortium took an active part seminars " New Purposes and New Decisions in Power Machinery Building", "Problems of NPP and FPP Equipment Safe Operation" and "Ecology".

At the seminar seven reports were submitted. The basic offers, submitted by "Hartron-Enkos" design and production enterprise and "Westron" consortium were the following: Modernization of the appreciable Ukrainian VVER-1000 CIS based on SPDS hardware; Replacement of "Titan" CIS on one of VVER-1000 Power Units; Development and puting into operation of the National Crisis Centre.

Program of SPDS Implementation for VVER-1000

In Westron the works within the framework of the program on implementation of Safety Parameters Display System (SPDS) at Ukrainian VVER-1000 Power Units are going on. Two pilot SPDSs (for KhNPP-1 and ZNPP-5) were developed and delivered to NPPs in 1998. KhNPP-1 SPDS site acceptance test (SAT) for putting it into operation are finished in March 1999. ZNPP-5 SPDS putting into pilot operation is planned on August 1999.

SUNPP-1 SPDS factory acceptance test (FAT) (preliminary test of the Phase 1) was successfuly completed in June 10, 1999 in Westron. The System was shipped to SUNPP in June 15, 1999. The SPDS installation works are as a whole completed at the Power Unit. After completion of SPDS start-up the System is planned for pilot operation on July 21-22, 1999.

SPDS for SUNPP-1 considerably differs from the pilot systems. It is the first SPDS for the Power Unit with reactor of -302 type. SPDS is integrated with SUNPP-1 operating "Vulkan" CIS based on the same "Vulkan" hardware that facilitates the System operation.

The functional part of the project is developed by the experts of SUNPP jointly with the experts of Westron.

The accepted design and configuration of SPDS considerably improves functional opportunities of information systems for Power Unit operator support.

In 1999 the SPDSs are also planned for implementation at Rovno NPP (Unit 3), Zaporozhye NPP (Unit 3) and South-Ukrainian NPP (Unit 2).

Safety Parameters Display System (SPDS) of SUNPP Unit 1 Acceptance (interdepartmental) test

On July 20-21 according to South-Ukrainian NPP Unit 1 project schedule Site Acceptance Test of Safety Parameters Display System (SPDS) based on the Computing Information System "Vulkan CIS/SPD" Distributed Computer System (DCS) was performed at SUNPP.

The integrated "Vulkan CIS/SPD" DCS is developed by enhancement of SUNPP-1 CIS hardware and software, required for implementation at SPDS functions (including sensors, secondary converters and other equipment for dataline with field device).

The enhancement scope of "Vulkan" hardware is:
  • 3 cabinets for Data Acquisition and Processing Subcomplexes (SKSO for input and primary processing of sensors and adjacent systems analog and discrete signals;
  • 1 isolation cabinet for input of SVRK and AKNP signals;
  • 1 SKSO for SGIU and AZTP datalink (interface RS-485, main and back-up datalinks;
  • 2 cabinets for computation/data link servers (main and back-up with dual IPSs for SVRK and AKRB data link and calculation of SPDS calculated parameters);
  • 4 workstation subcomplexes (SKRS) (based on SUN ULTRA 1) with the peripheral equipment (keyboards, monitors, trackballs, acoustic systems, disk drives and printers):
    - Power Unit Shift Supervisor workstation;
    - Plant Shift Supervisor workstation;
    - Technical Support Center workstation;
    - Crisis Center;
    network peripheral equipment.

On SPDS purpose and impact on safety it is class 3 system and is classified as 3 according to -1-11-89 (-88) and has category 2 of seismic stability according to -5-006-87.
The functional part of the project was developed by the experts of South-Ukrainian NPP and Westron consortium.

Westron consortium developed the documentation on CIS hardware and software, carried out assembly of cabinets and workstations, hardware testing, programming of SPDS non-standard application calculated tasks and configuration of the base CIS software, developed the plans and procedures for the system integration and CIS hardware and software tests at Westrons facilities and SUNPP Unit 1.
Cabinets and workstations were manufactured by Hartron-Plant (Kharkov). The design documentation on cabinets and workstations manufacture was developed by Hartron-Enkos (Kharkov) on the technical project of Westron consortium.

The manufacture and delivery in Ukraine of WDPF components used in "Vulkan" DCS were provided by Westinghouse company on the basis of customer specifications of Westron consortium.
The CIS hardware were certified according to the requirements of Certification System UkrSEPRO (DSTU 3413-96) and accepted by the representatives of State Quality Center of the Ministry of Ecological Safety of Ukraine.
The system has passed a complete cycle of tests on conformity to the Y2K requirements.
The state nuclear and radiation safety expertise of the project by the State Scientific Technical Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety has confirmed the conformity of SPDS to the defined requirements.
SPDS SAT was performed in the scope defined by SAT plan without any comments.
SAT commission accepted SPDS to be ready for pilot operation at SUNPP Unit 1.
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