Westinghouse, LvivORGRES and Westron signed an agreement

On January 24 in Kyiv the long-term agreement in the field of development and shipment of the state-of-the-art Instrumantation & Control Systems (I&C) for nuclear power plants and industrial applications in Ukraine and other countries between Westinghouse, LvivORGRES and Westron was signed.
The agreement  was  signed  by Mr. V.Naumchuk,   General Director of   LvivORGRES,   Mr.  M.Chetnyshov,    General   Director  of  Westron  and   Mr. S.Radomski, Manager of SPDS Projects and Joint Ventures.
The agreement will be in effect until 2003 and may be prolonged by mutual consent of the parties.

USA Ambassador visited Westron

On January 25 the ambassador of the USA in Ukraine Mr. Carlos Pascual during his trip to Kharkiv visited Westron.
It was not surprising that US ambassador visited Westron. Since Westron is the unique example of long term and successful cooperation of Ukrainian and American enterprises in such important for Ukraine field as control systems for NPPs. Westron was established in 1994 by Ukrainian enterprise Hartron and American company Westinghouse. The governments of both states supported Hartron-Westinghouse project in the frames of Ukrainian military enterprises conversion program.
During his visit the ambassador was acquainted with the Westron's activities and products. He visited the design and manufacture areas. He felt special interest in Westron Service center, which ensures maintenance and repair of the equipment delivered by Westron to Ukrainian nuclear power plants.
The Feedwater Control Systems (FWCS) hardware for South-Ukrainian NPP produced by Westron was demonstrated to Mr. Carlos Pascual. The ambassador with interest watched FWES software validation and algorithms verification tests that are being performed now by the personnel of Westron and LvivORGRES.
After the visit Mr. Carlos Pasucal noted, that he was very impressed by the things he saw, by the scope of Westron's works and their high level. “Visiting Hartron and in Westron I physically felt the mind energy of the specialists of these enterprises”, said the Ambassador.

Agreement between Westron and the Ukrainian NPP Operation Support Institute (OSI)

Lasting and successful joint works of Westron and the Ukrainian NPP Operation Support Institute (OSI) have resulted in signing of Agreement on Cooperation.
Implementation of Safety Parameter Display Systems for the VVER-1000 nuclear power plants is the largest project being fulfilled by Westron and OSI. To date, SPDS systems are installed on 9 of 11 Ukrainian Units.
Westron and OSI future cooperation will be aimed at Computing Information Systems and Radiation Monitoring Systems upgrading as well as Operation Procedures Support Systems developing, etc.
The Agreement  signed by  Kim V.V.,  General Director of OSI and  Chernyshov M.A., General Director of Westron, will be in force until January 1, 2002 and may be prolonged on mutual agreement between the parties.

Contract for the Kozloduy NPP unit 5 and 6

At 4 p.m. today in Bulgaria (9 a.m. Pittsburgh time), Westinghouse and Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant signed an I&C upgrade contract for the Kozloduy unit 5 and 6 nuclear stations in northern Bulgaria.
Current project scope includes radiation monitoring systems, computer information systems, safety parameter display systems, turbine and feedwater control systems, and the associated project management and installation for the two units.
Present with Mike Comiskey at the signing were Richard Miles, U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria; Ivan Shilyashki, minister of energy for Bulgaria; and Anton Ivanov, head of Bulgaria's nuclear power directorate. Clearly, this is a significant award for us, for Kozloduy and for Bulgaria.

Head of Kharkov Region Administration Visited Westron

On February 21, 2001 Yevgeny Kushnarev, Head of Kharkov Region Administration visited Hartron and Westron.
It was not his first visit. Previously, in 1998, Yevgeny Kushnarev visited Westron as the President Administration Head together with Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine.
The governor commended the remarkable increase of Westron's engineer and production capabilities and scope of works and its equipment with the state-of-the-art production facilities. Particular attention was paid to the works which Westron can perform for power and production sites of the Kharkov region.
On the press-conference Yevgeny Kushnarev stated that he was satisfied with the results of his visit and supported the works being performed by Westron. Yevgeny Kushnarev; Yakov Aisenberg, General Director of Hartron; and Michail Chernyshov, General Director of Westron answered the multiple questions of the correspondents.
As it was noted at the press-conference, the last year was successful for Westron. Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) program was a success. Before early 2001 nine of eleven SPDSs were shipped to the Ukrainian NPPs. Two SPDSs will be shipped to Zaporozhye NPP according to the schedule in 2001. Westron's Service Center has started its functioning. A number of other projects for the Ukrainian NPPs have been completed. In 2001 the intensive works on ZNPP SPDS Multi-Unit System have been started. Along with these works, Westron continuous to implement the works for Russian, Czech, Lithuanian and Sweden NPPs.

The Works on Kharkiv Fossil Power Plant 5 Project are Completed

On March 28, 2001 Westron's project works for Kharkov Fossil Power Plant 5 (FPP-5) are completed.
Westron has designed, manufactured and provided FPP-5 the Data Reception/Transmission Cards for the digital data links in the computerized control system being designed by Kharkov Automation Institute (KhIKA).
Presently, Westron has mastered the technology of producing data reception and transmission devices designed for the digital data links between PCs (industrial PCs, workstations (stand-alone or incorporated into I&C computational systems)) with I&C systems (e.g. "Titan" CIS, "Khortitsa" In-Core Monitoring System, KSO, Radiation Monitoring System (AKRB-03) and other I&C systems of NPPs, FPPs and other industrial sites).
Data Reception/Transmission Cards (DRTC, PCI DRTC, DRTC-A) provide two-way data communication on the coaxial data links with the following devices:

    BPSv-5 installed in industrial PC ISA bus slots
    BPPd-2 installed in M64 IUS bus slots
    BPPd-6 installed in M64 IUS bus slots
    BPd-405 with BPr-6 installed in SM-2M 2K bus slots
    all DRTC modifications installed in the associated slots of the above computational devices.

    Cards for the reception of radiation monitoring signals (RC RSS and TC RSS) are installed in PC (industrial PC) ISA bus slots and provide:
    reception of radiation monitoring signals in the form of serial data code coming from the devices BVTs-51-01, YI-28 or TC RSS installed in the computational systems of AKRB-03 (Radiation Monitoring System) type
    transmission of radiation monitoring signals by serial communication of one hundred parameters (one way) into BVTs -51-01 (one channel) or RC RSS installed in the computational systems of AKRB-03 (Radiation Monitoring System) type.

    Time Code Converter (TCC) (ÀÓÈÖ.468351.001) is the device for the time code conversion. It is designed for the reception of time signals from the equipment for the communication with GPS and time signals generation and transmission in the specific format into I&C systems. TCC jointly with RC UTS (or RC UTS-À) allows for all computational systems time synchronization (bumpless transfer to the winter/summer time is also provided). It allows to refuse from the application of Ch7-43 (×7-43) synchronizer.

RC UTS and RC UTS-À are designed for the reception of the unified time signals in the form of serial code in TCC or Ch7-43 (×7-43) format. These cards are installed in ISA/PCI slots of PC (industrial PC)/SUN Ultra 5/10 workstation and provide it with interrupt signal and received time data.
DB16 Discrete Output Card is installed in PC (industrial PC) ISA slot to provide DC/AC 5-230 voltage switching at the current up to 50 mA on 16 outputs.

All the above devices will be exhibited at the Fifth International Exhibition "ELKOM-UKRAINE" to be held on April 17-20, 2001 in Kiev National Exhibition Center on Westron's stand in Hall 7.
Recognizing our customers' needs, Westron will design, manufacture, test, and supply both any separate digital devices and completed digital systems.

Feedwater Control System for South Ukraine Unit 2

On April 4-6, 2001 Westron successfully completed factory acceptance test (1st phase) of "Vulkan" Computer System for Feedwater Control System ("Vulkan" FWCS), Safety Class 3N system according to the General Safety Regulations-2000, designed for SUNPP Unit 2 steam generator feedwater level control within TACIS project.
"Vulkan" FWCS based on "Vulkan" equipment is the integrated and flexible computer system with the capability to be expanded in the future. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and real-time software.
"Vulkan" FWCS is a two-level distributed system which comprises computing facilities (network drops) connected by the network interfaces. Each of these facilities performs specific functions.
Drops of the lower level provide acquisition of analog and discrete signals, their processing, generation of signals for actuators control, alarm, and indication on "Vulkan" FWCS devices. These drops based on Intel486DX include analog and discrete input/output cards and the highway controllers through which they are connected to the common redundant data highway. Processors provide the cards input parameters acquisition and processing and their communication onto the redundant data highway.
"Vulkan" FWCS drops of the upper level provide man-machine interface; data collection, storage, retrieval, and logging; and calculate calculation tasks. These drops are based on Sun Microsystems UNIX real-time Solaris (SunOS) workstations with 22" monitor, trackball and highway controllers.
Functional control algorithms are developed by LvovORGRES people.
Westron has provided the development of documentation on the "Vulkan" FWCS hardware and software; cabinets and workstations assembly; test; development of the application software; base software configuration; development of plans and procedures for "Vulkan" FWCS integration and software verification test on Westron's test facilities.
"Vulkan" FWCS components are manufactured and shipped to Ukraine by Westinghouse Electric Europe (Brussels).
"Vulkan" FWCS is scheduled to put into operation during SUNPP Unit 2 outage in 2001.

Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 Safety Parameter Display System "Vulkan" DCS Pilot Operation

On April 18, 2001 the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of SPDS "Vulkan-SPD-8" Distributed Computer System (DCS) on Zaporozhye NPP Unit 4 successfully resulted in the DCS pilot operation.
In the DCS SAT performance the representatives of NAEK "Energoatom", State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine, Burns & Roe, Westinghouse, Westron, NPP Operation Support Institute, KhIEP, and Crimea Scientific and Technical Center took part. South Ukraine NPP representatives were also present.
It's the forth DCS which was put into operation at Zaporozhye NPP and the ninth one put into operation on the Ukrainian VVER-1000 NPPs within the International Nuclear Safety Program. The similar Zaporozhye NPP Units 1 and 6 DCSs are planning to be implemented in 2001.
Creation of Zaporozhye NPP Multi Unit SPDS in 2001-2002 will be the next step of the Program implementation.
It's worth mentioning that it was for the first time when the DCS SAT coincided with putting of the Zaporozhye NPP Unit 4 on the normal power operation after the reactor trip. DCS and Unit data complete adequacy demonstrated the DCS proper operation and was a real success..

International workshop on South Ukraine NPP

On May 22-24, 2001 the international workshop "VVER-1000 Safety Parameter Display System" was held on South Ukraine NPP in which 31 organizations from Russia, USA, Sweden, and Bulgaria took part. The reports made by the representatives of NAEK, Ukrainian NPPs, Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine, Westinghouse, Westron, NPP Operation Support Institute, and KhIEP addressed the experience gained in the sphere of Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) implementation on the Ukrainian NPPs. The representatives of Power Generating Ministry of the USA (DOE), Pacific North-East National Laboratory (PNNL) and other organizations emphasized that the SPDS implementation program is one of the most successful projects within the International Nuclear Safety Program (INSP) which DOE finances. The general American contractor is Westinghouse Electric Company.
Westron is one of the main contractor assigned for the SPDS implementation on the Ukrainian NPPs. Westron provided the eleven SPDS systems design, manufacture, software development, and shipment on VVER-1000 NPPs. Nine SPDS systems of eleven have been put into operation on South Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Rovno, and Khmelnitsk Nuclear Power Plants. Two ZNPP systems are on the start-up phase and will be put into operation in the nearest time.

Westron was an Exhibitor at ElcomUkraine 2001

Westron was an Exhibitor at ElcomUkraine2001, the fifth international exhibition of power generating and electrical engineering equipment and technologies which was held on April 17–20, 2001 in Kiev.
Westron exhibited the following Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&C) and equipment developed and manufactured by Westron:
I&C on the basis of "Vulkan" hardware
electronic input/output cards and cards for digital data links with Titan CIS, In-Core Monitoring System (SVRK), SM-2M, KSO, and Radiation Monitoring System (AKRB), etc.
electronic modules and devices for I&C and site computation equipment synchronization (unified time systems)
fiber-optic, coaxial and information cables, etc.
I&C electronic hardware enclosures

Westron presented information on its Training Center for the customer's personnel training and Service Center on maintenance and repair of all systems and equipment supplied to customers.

Westron's stand was of great interest to both the Westron's partners, i.e. personnel and heads of NAEK Energoatom and nuclear and fossil power plants; and Oblenergo; metallurgical, mining, chemical, food, light, and paper enterprises.

At the exhibition opening, Westron's stand was visited by Yuly Kutsan, Chief of Scientific and Technical Policy and Ecology Administration of Fuel and Power Ministry of Ukraine; Karlos Paskuale, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USA in Ukraine; and David Hunter, Commercial Attache of embassy of the USA in Ukraine.

I&C with the installed software implemented on South Ukraine NPP Unit 1 and electronic modules and devices for I&C and computation equipment synchronization with Global Positioning System (GPS) were the focal points of the visitors.

On June 15, 2001

Westron and Zaporozhye NPP concluded an Agreement on the development of the subsystem for reactor control and protection system rods (RCPSR) position display on VVER-1000 Unit Emergency Control Room (ECR).
This work aims at expanding of the Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) functions and will be performed on all six ZNPP Units.
It is planned to implement the project within the period of July 2001 - May 2002.
The pilot ZNPP Unit 6 subsystem will be implemented on August 2001.
ZNPP has obtained the appropriate authorization on the works performance.

The location of SPDS workstation on ECR will not only meet the requirements of item 2.4.13 of Nuclear Safety Regulations ÐÓ ÀÑ-89 and General Plant Safety Regulations on RCPSR position display scope on ECR, but will allow to increase considerably the scope and to improve integrity and quality of the data displayed for ECR personnel. The scope of data displayed on this SPDS workstation will be similar to that displayed on Reactor operator and Turbine operator SPDS workstations located on VVER-1000 Unit Main Control Room (MCR).

Zaporozhye NPP Radiation Monitoring Display Hardware Upgrade

On June 5-8 the capability of the hardware and software kit for radiation monitoring parameters display was successfully tested on site. Presently, the kit is in its pilot operation.
This kit is designed for the reception of radiation monitoring parameters with the use of the card (MPr-KRB) developed and manufactured by Westron for the reception of AKRB-03 hardware signals via the AKRB-03 hardware serial channel for their further display for operators and history.
To ensure radiation monitoring display hardware upgrade it took Westron nearly two months (the shortest possible time) to provide the development, manufacture and test of MPr-KRB communication adapter installed in the PC, the development of the AKRB-03 hardware communication software (driver), and data display and storage software.
For the software functioning Windows-NT operating system is used. Data display tools allow to display data both in the form of table and on process diagram.
The received data is checked on its validity and the predefined and alarm limits. The integrated application software and standard Microsoft Access (database management system) allow to provide data storage and processing in the standard database format.

The supplied base hardware and software kit capability to display in the future the increased scope of parameters due to installation of additional MPr-KRB adapters will allow to replace obsolete CM-2M and will make ZNPP Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) top level reconstruction bumpless.

1 Functions

The hardware and software kit for radiation monitoring parameters display performs the following functions:
  • reception of BVC-51 parameters values and attributes
  • evaluation of parameter reception quality and generation of validity flag for every parameter
  • display of parameter live values and attributes in the form of table
  • parameter live values and attributes table printout
  • display of live values and attributes of the parameters on process diagram
  • parameter values and attributes history with definite period for the predefined time period

2 Architecture

The hardware and software kit for radiation monitoring parameters display includes the following:
  • personal computer (PC)
  • MPr-KRB card installed into PC ISA slot (optional PCI)
  • data cable connected to BVC-51 and to PC (MPr-KRB card)
  • Windows-NT operating system
  • MSAccess application tool of MSOffise97 package for parameters history and retrieval
  • MPr-KRB card driver for Windows-NT
  • data collection and history routine
  • parameter live values and attributes table display and printout routine
  • process diagrams display routine
  • process diagram components description confifuration file

3 Radiation Monitoring Parameters Display

The parameter values within the preset limits are displayed on the white background in the green frame. The parameter values which exceed the preset limits are displayed in the yellow frame. The red frame is for display of the alarm parameters. Invalid parameters (hardware/channel error parameters) are displayed on the grey background.

Meeting at Leningrad NPP

On July 11–13, 2001 the meeting on Safety Parameters Display System (SPDS) project was held at Leningrad NPP (Sosnovy Bor). The participants of this meeting were the representatives of Leningrad NPP, PNNL, Westinghouse and Westron.

LNPP Units 3 & 4 SPDSs commissioning is planed in 2002. This meeting was resulted in signing of the Protocol and approval of the document “LNPP Units 3 & 4 SPDS Completion Responsibility Assignment”. Westron's scope of works includes:
  • development of the hardware assembly and test documentation
  • hardware assembly and test, pre-FAT and FAT
  • SPDS hardware start-up on sites
  • NPP personnel training on SPDS operation and maintenance
  • system installation, start-up and acceptance test consulting

All parties came to the agreement that completion of LNPP Units 3 & 4 SPDS project would contribute much in the improvement of LNPP safety.
In 2000 Unit Computer Systems (UCS) – CIS top level – were implemented on LNPP Units 3 & 4 with the Westron's participation. Additionally to UCS, SPDS implementation will make LNPP capable to replace developed in late 1960th "Scala" CIS totally and cost effectively for the power state-of-the-art system with the advanced man-machine interface.

Westron Quality Management System Certification

Westron is carrying out activities aimed at certification of its QMS for compliance with provisions of ISO-9001:2000. This certification is performed under the contract between Westron and Representative Office in Ukraine of the TUF Reinland/Berlin-Brandenburg Concern, a well-known entity in the international power generation sector. Certificates issued by TUF are recognized in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

At the end of July 2001, the first stage of certification, provisional audit, was completed. At this stage, TUF employees verified availability and functioning effectiveness of the documented QMS prepared by Westron; in addition, some proposals and recommendations were submitted to further develop and specify this system. On the whole, to TUF auditors' opinion, Westron Quality Management System complies with declared requirements, and after implementation of the above proposals can be submitted for the next stage of activities, i.e. certification audit that is planned for the end of October 2001.

Completion of Feed Water Control System (FWCS) at SUNPP2
August 9, 2001

Integrated tests of the Feed Water Control System (FWCS) at SUNPP2 have been successfully completed. Interagency commission has made a decision on readiness of the system for pilot operation.
Implementation of the whole project has been carried out by Westron and LvivORGRES.
Westron scope included:
  • hardware designing and manufacture;
  • programming, software testing and verification;
  • software and hardware integration;
  • factory acceptance tests;
  • field adjustment on shutdown power unit.

LvivORGRES scope included:
  • system designing;
  • development of algorithms and system simulation;
  • selection and correction of setpoints;
  • issuing procedures and carrying out startup (integrated commissioning) tests on operating power unit.

Integrated tests on operating power unit were carried out from the end of June till July 28, 2001. The whole test program has been completed. Test results have confirmed high technical and performance parameters of the system. During these tests, no claims have been made on performance on the hardware and software, developed and manufactured by Westron.

The second WDPF Feed Water Control System at Ukrainian NPP will be installed in 2002
August 13, 2001

NAEK Energoatom made a decision to install WDPF (Westinghouse Distributed Process Family) Feed Water Control System (FWCS) at Unit 1 of South Ukrainian NPP (SUNPP) during 2002 outage.
It will be the second WDPF FWCS at Ukrainian NPPs. The first one was put into pilot operation at SUNPP-2 two weeks ago.
Both systems are being done in the framework of TACIS financed project. The overall management of the project is being done by Westinghouse (WEE, Brussels). The main Ukrainian subcontractors of WEE in this project are Westron and LvovORGRES.

Implementation of SPDS at Zaporozhiye NPP Units 1 & 6
September 19, 2001

Within the period of September 12-15, 2001, Site Acceptance Tests of Zaporozhiye NPP Power Units Nos. 1 & 6 Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS) were completed with getting good results. Implementation of the Safety Parameter Display Systems signifies successful completion of the 4-years program of SPDS creation at the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants equipped with VVER-1000 reactor. At the moment Safety Parameter Display Systems are functioning in all eleven VVER-1000 Power Units of Ukrainian NPPs.

It is within ZNPP plans to implement all-ZNPP SPDS in May, 2002. Availability of all-ZNPP SPDS will provide for getting by the operative staff and management of simultaneous information on current statues of all six Power Units of ZNPP.

Westron's Participation in Donetsk Exhibition ”Energetics, Energy and Resources Saving Technologies, and Ecology”
September 25, 2001

Westron took part in the 3rd specialized exhibition ”Energetics, Energy and Resources Saving Technologies, and Ecology” placed in Donetsk on September 11-14, 2001.
Westron exhibited the following automation systems and facilities for various industrial application developed and manufactured by Westron:
  • operating Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&C) based on Vulkan hardware and other applicable hardware
  • electronic input/output cards, cards for digital data links with Titan CIS, In-Core Monitoring System, SM-2M, KSO, and Radiation Monitoring System (AKRB), etc.
  • electronic devices and modules for I&C and other industrial computation facilities synchronization (GPS based synchronization systems)
  • I&C electronic hardware enclosures
Westron provided information on Westron's Training Center for Customer's personnel training and Service Center for maintenance and repair of all supplied systems and equipment.
Westron's stand was of great interest to the managers and experts of Oblenegro; Thermal Power Plants; and metallurgical, mining and chemical enterprises.
Certification of quality management system

Westron has completed its activities aimed at obtaining Certificate on quality management system developed and functioning at the enterprise. The QMS totally meets the requirements specified in International Standard ISO 9001:2000.

Within the time period of 19–23 November, 2001, the auditors, who are representatives of the Ukrainian office of TUV Rheinland/Berlin–Brandenburg conducted certification audit of the quality management system implemented at Westron.

Evaluation of effectiveness of Westron quality management system functioning was verified in the course of the certification audit. The audit proved that Westron QMS meets the requirements specified in International Standard ISO 9001:2000.

Based on the audit conducted by TUV Concern group of auditors it was recommended to the Certification Agency (TUV Cert) to grant Certificate of Compliance of Westron quality management system to the requirements specified in the above-said International Standard.

Works on Rivne NPP-3 SPDS Simulator have been completed

Westron manufactured and delivered to RNPP the enclosures of Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) WorkStations. Final assembly of the WorkStations was done at RNPP Training Center. Westron has completed its works on integration, testing and verification of SPDS in the scope of RNPP-3 full-scale simulator.

Certification tests of Ovation hardware have been completed

Certification tests of new generation of hardware of “Vulkan” complex of technical facilities (“Ovation”) have successfully been completed. The hardware was manufactured by Westron. More than 80 kinds of tests were conducted, including tests of seismic stability, electric safety, trauma safety, fire safety, electromagnetic compatibility, moisture influence, temperature limit values, mechanical influences.

Results of the certification tests proved the fact that Vulcan-Ovation hardware meets the requirements specified for NPP systems Class 3H hardware.

Activities on South-Ukraine NPP Steam Generator Level Control Systems (FWCS)

Working meeting with participation of representatives of SU NPP, LvivOrgres and Westron was conducted at SU NPP. Schedule of subsequent works on FWCS Project was developed at the meeting. SU NPP-2 Steam-Generator Level Control System was put into operation in summer of the year 2001. SU NPP-1 System shall be implemented at the time of outage of the year 2002.
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