Westron has concluded with Westinghouse Electric Company the contract on manufacture and supply to Kozloduy NPP Unit 5 the hardware and software for the data links between Computing Information System (CIS) upgraded by Westinghouse and operational In-Core Monitoring System (ICMS) and Radiation Safety System (RMS).

Westron manufactures a wide range of electronic digital data links hardware applied for nuclear and fossil power plants I&C Systems.


Westron has completed manufacture, shipment and integration of Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS) hardware into Rovno, Zaporozhye and Khmelnitskiy nuclear power plants full-scale simulators. The shipment of equipment for South Ukraine NPP simulator is planning in the first quarter of 2002.


Westron has completed the development and verification of the new "Accolade" system software package for its application on "Vulkan" (WDPF) platform. This package was developed with the participation of Westinghouse personnel. "Accolade" software package, functionally similar to WDPF system software, allows to ensure operation in Solaris 8 operating system media for the new advanced Sun Sun Blade hardware platform equipped with the new 64-bit UltraSPARC[tm] processor. "Accolade" software package is compatible with widely used Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6 operating systems and Sparc 5, Sparc 20, Ultra 1, Ultra 5, and Ultra 10 hardware platforms. Thus, "Accolade" system software package allows not only create new systems based on workstations of new generation, but provides successful support for the commissioned systems and enhance them.

"Accolade" software package was verified on the basis of Sizewell NPP I&C System simulation and maintenance test bed modified to fit greatly the configuration of Ukrainian VVER-1000 CIS high level to be upgraded on the basis of implemented Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS). Presently, "Accolade" package is in the process of its thorough verification on Westron's Software Development System (SDS).

"Accolade" software package will be applied for the first time in Leningrad Units 3 & 4 SPDS systems to be shipped to LNPP in 2002.



Within the period of September–December 2001, Westron rendered services to RSV–Radiozavod, state enterprise (Kiev), on the development of the QMS of the plant to organize it according to ISO 9001:2000. Westron submitted proposals on the QMS development and implementation, gave recommendations on quality procedures development and implementation, and provided samples of Westron's basic procedures. These activities were performed within the bilateral agreement between RSV–Radiozavod and Westron.


Westron within the period of April 16-26, 2002 provided Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) equipment shipment and its integration into South Ukraine NPP Unit 3 full-scale simulator.
SPDS integration into the full-scale simulators of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants (ZNPP, RNPP, KhNPP and SUNPP) is completed.



Within the period of May 7-15, 2002 Control Rods Position Data Display Subsystem (CRPDDS) start-up on ZNPP VVER-1000 Unit 6 Emergency Control Room (ECR) was successfully performed.
In line with the Agreement between ZNPP and Westron the similar CRPDDS subsystems shall be implemented on all ZNPP Units in 2002-2003.
In CRPDDS start-up works ZNPP and Westron, the subsystem developer and supplier, took participation.
CRPDDS implementation on the ZNPP Unit 6 ECR meets the requirements of section 2.4.13 of the Nuclear Safety Regulations RY AS-89 and the General Safety Regulations related to the scope of control rods position display on ZNPP Unit 6 ECR, and also provides control rods position display for ECR personnel in the same scope as this data is displayed on reactor operator and turbine operator SPDS workstations on VVER-1000 Main Control Rooms.


Zaporozhye NPP Multi Unit Safety Parameter Display System (MUS SPDS) putting into its pilot operation was a success. Its Site Acceptance Test (SAT) was performed within the time period of May 12–15, 2002.
SAT commission included the representatives of NAEK "Energoatom", Zaporozhye NPP Westinghouse, Burns&Roe, Westron, KhIEP, and NPP Operation Support Institute (OSI).
Five year program on the development of Safety Parameter Display Systems for the Ukrainian VVER-1000 Units is completed.
Within the scope of this program eleven Unit SPDS systems and one Zaporozhye NPP MUS SPDS system were implemented and are successfully operating at the four Ukrainian NPPs (Zaporozhye NPP, South Ukraine NPP, Rovno NPP, and Khmelnitskiy NPP).
Two Unit SPDS systems for SUNPP have become commercial. The commissioning of the remained Unit SPDS systems is planning in 2002-2003.

Westron has appraised reliability of the Swedish Ringhals NPP Power Unit No.2 Turbine Monitoring & Control System
August 1, 2002

Westron has performed the works on design analysis of reliability of the newly introduced Turbine Vibration Protection and Supervision System and Turbine Automatic System. The activities were performed within the frames of the Swedish Ringhals NPP Power Unit No.2 Modernization Project (prime contractor - Westinghouse Electric Company). The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis method was applied when performing the job. At this, the failures' influence upon the systems' performance was taken into account, also quantitative estimation of the systems' reliability was done by means of reliability block diagram method.
The results of structural analysis and calculations have proved that the taken by Westinghouse technical decisions on realization of newly introduced Turbine Monitoring & Control Systems totally provide for meeting of the normative and contract requirements.

SPDS Equipment is Shipped to Leningrad NPP
August 8, 2002

Westron has shipped Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) equipment components manufactured in Westron on project on implementation of SPDS systems on Leningrad NPP Units 3 and 4 (Russia).
Simultaneously LNPP has been furnished with Westinghouse SPDS components from USA and Czech.
SPDS equipment assembly from the supplied components and its test will be provided by Westron on site.

Westron has concluded contract with Rovno NPP
August 16, 2002

Westron and Rovno NPP (RvNPP) have concluded contract on delivery of Radiation Parameters Display System (RPDS) to RvNPP. Within the framework of the contract Westron will manufacture and deliver to RvNPP the RPDS equipment, software, also will implement the system in RvNPP.
The RPDS is purposed to replace the out-of-date hardware of the existing RPDS (both at the Power Unit level and all-NPP level). The RPDS will be built by Westron on the bases of the proved technical solutions for data link interfaces with Radiation Monitoring Systems, also on the bases of the experience that had been gained in the technical solutions' implementation in the NPPs existing in Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Within the framework of the concept developed by Westron, the RPDS implementation is considered to be the first step in stage-by-stage modernization of obsolete Radiation Monitoring Systems existing in the NPPs equipped with VVER-1000/VVER-400 reactors.

Commencement of commercial exploitation of South-Ukraine NPP Power Unit No.2 Steam Generator Level Control System
August 20, 2002

The Acceptance Committee that worked at South-Ukraine NPP has adopted its decision to commission South-Ukraine NPP Power Unit No.2 Steam Generator Level Control System (FWCS). The System was developed and delivered to SU NPP within the framework of TACIS Project. Principal executors of the works performed under the Project were Westinghouse Energy Europe (Belgium), Westron (Ukraine) and LvovORGRES (Ukraine).
Since 2001, in the time period of its pilot running, the FWCS has proved its excellent operational characteristics and reliability.
At the moment an analogous system is being implemented in SU NPP Power Unit No.1. It is planned to commission the system in September 2002.

Acceptance tests of Westron equipment at Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria) have been completed
August 27, 2002

Acceptance tests of equipment and software for the digital data links between the Ovation equipment and the existing at Kozloduy NPP Power Units 5&6 Core Monitoring Systems/Radiation Safety Systems, also that between the Ovation equipment and the Special Building Radiation Safety System have been completed. The equipment and software were developed, manufactured and delivered by Westron within the framework of Kozloduy NPP ICS Modernization Project that is being realized by Westinghouse.

Core Monitoring System Equipment is Shipped to South Ukraine NPP
September 17, 2002

Westron has shipped Core Monitoring System (CMS) equipment on milestone 1 of the project of SUNPP Unit 3 In-Core Monitoring System (ICMS) Computer System upgrade to be performed in line with the Agreement on Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project for Ukraine Between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of United States of America.
ICMS Computer System upgrade will be performed on the basis of "Vulkan" Computer System that applies Westinghouse BEACON software (USA) that provide all functionality required for reactor core neutron and physical calculations.

Westron Has Concluded Unified Time System Shipment and Implementation Contract with Rovno NPP
September 20, 2002

Rovno NPP and Westron LLC have concluded Contract on Shipment and Implementation of RNPP Unit 3 Unified Time System (UTS) on the basis of Westron's technical offers on the development of UTS for I&C Systems synchronization. UTS will take the satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) time and provide it to the I&C Systems. UTS developed and manufactured by Westron, operating on South Ukraine NPP Units since 1998 and on Zaporozye NPP Units since 1999 represent years of excellent performance.

Shipment of Radiation Monitoring Parameter Display System Hardware to Rovno NPP
September 23, 2002

Following Rovno NPP Units 1, 2 and 3 RMPDS Shipment Contract, Westron has shipped RMPDS hardware on milestone 1. It is the first step of the step-by-step upgrade of the obsolete Radiation Monitoring equipment. The next RMPDS hardware shipment is planned on October 2002. 

ZNPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade Contract
October 24, 2002

Westron and Zaporozhye NPP have concluded contract on the development, shipment and implementation of the High Level Distributed Computer System, aiming at ZNPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System upgrade.
Westron within the scope of this project will implement Radiation Monitoring System hardware on ZNPP Unit 1 Local Radiation Monitoring Room and ZNPP Main Radiation Monitoring Room.

Shipment of Safety Systems Hardware to Temelin NPP (Czech Republic)
November 7, 2002

Westron has shipped to Temelin NPP the Eagle power supplies for Temelin NPP Safety Systems after their acceptance tests were successfully completed by Westinghouse representatives. The Eagle power supplies were under repair in Westron in line with the Hardware Repair Agreement concluded between Westinghouse Electric Company and Westron. The Eagle power supplies repair and acceptance tests were performed to meet the stringent requirements of NQA-1,  the USA standard, applicable for the NPP Safety Systems..

Manufacture of SPDS Hardware for Leningrad NPP (Russia)
November 14, 2002

The works on manufacture of hardware for Leningrad NPP Unit 3 Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) are in progress. Westron has been performing the SPDS manufacture works on the area of LNPP in Sosnovy Bor (Russia). For this purpose LNPP has provided the assembly area with the equipment that meets the requirements approved by LNPP and Westron and is providing the appropriate organizational and technical support. The required manufacture and test equipment along with the design and technological documentation were shipped to LNPP for SPDS hardware manufacture in full conformity with the Quality Management System applicable in Westron. The SPDS electrical test on the assembly area is being planned in December 2002.

NPP Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade. Preliminary 1st Phase Zaporozye NPP Unit 1 RMS Test on Westron's facilities
December 3, 2002

On December 3, 2002 the meeting on NPP Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) Upgrade was held on Westron's area and the preliminary test of Zaporozye NPP Unit 1 RMS of the 1st phase was performed on Westron's facilities. Its participants were the representatives of NAEK "Energoatom"; Zaporozye NPP; Rovno NPP; South Ukraine NPP; Automatics and Machine Building scientific and production enterprise; Solid-State Physics, Materials Science and Technology Institute of "Kharkov Physical & Technical Institute" National Scientific Center; Kharkov State Scientific & Research Institute of Metrology, KhIEP; Positron GmbH; and Westron. The meeting reviewed the issues related to NPP RMS upgrade and prospects of the RMS hardware improvement. The preliminary test of ZNPP Unit 1 RMS was successfully performed on Westron's facilities.
The participants of the meeting have stated the following:
  • Actuality of works related to the NPP RMS components development and manufacture performed by Westron LLC; Positron GmbH; Solid-State Physics, Materials Science and Technology Institute of "Kharkov Physical & Technical Institute" National Scientific Center; and Automatics and Machine Building scientific and production enterprise.
  • Extensive experience in the development of the Information and Control Systems gained by Westron while implementation of the CIS, SPDS and FWCS systems on the Ukrainian Units.
  • "Vulkan" hardware provided by Westron is certified by the State Quality Assurance Center of Ministry of Ecological Resources of Ukraine for its application for nuclear safety-related I&C Systems, Safety Class 3N.
  • "Vulkan" Hardware Technical Requirements #460600.001TY is approved by NAEK and Nuclear Regulatory Administration.
  • Westron's Quality Management System is certified by TUV CERT company on its meeting international ISO 9001:2000 requirements on December 20, 2001. Now Westron holds Certificate # 75 100 8761 on development, manufacture, commissioning, and maintenance of I&C Systems for nuclear and fossil power plants and other commercial sites.
  • Availability in Westron of the Service Center for in-warranty and non-warranty repair of "Vulkan" hardware components in Ukraine.

Successful results of the preliminary test of ZNPP Unit 1 RMS of the 1st phase performed on Westron's facilities, including:
  • operation of the integrated ZNPP Unit 1 RMS
  • meeting the requirements specified in the ZNPP Unit 1 RMS Upgrade Technical Requirements
  • proper implementation of ZNPP Unit 1 RMS typical functions
  • proper functioning of ZNPP Unit 1 RMS measurement devices
  • acceptability of results of all tests included into the test scope

Westron's integrated approach to ZNPP RMS upgrade.
Capabilities to replace the NPP RMS systems which lifetimes are expired and are nonconforming the requirements of the regulatory documentation by the RMS hardware demonstrated at the meeting.
On December 20, 2001 TUV CERT company completed Westron's QMS certification on its meeting international ISO 9001:2000 requirements. Now Westron holds Certificate # 75 100 8761 on development, manufacture, commissioning, and maintenance of I&C Systems for nuclear and fossil power plants and other commercial sites.

Westron implemented its QMS system in 1995 and gained vast experience in its development and implementation. Westron will continue to maintain a strong emphasis on continuous improvement of products quality and characteristics to meet needs of the customers in the future.
The participants of the meeting have made the decision to recommend the Ukrainian NPPs to apply the high level hardware and software developed and manufactured by Westron for parameters acquisition, processing and display and the mid level hardware and software developed and manufactured by Positron GmbH in the process of RMS upgrade.

"Vulkan-M" Hardware State Acceptance Test
December 4-5, 2002

"Vulkan-M" hardware state acceptance test commission, appointed by NAEK "Energoatom" has performed the state acceptance test of "Vulkan-M" hardware developed by Westron.
"Vulkan-M" hardware evolved from "Vulkan" hardware is designed for the expanded applications in:
  • Nuclear area for the development of innovative or upgrade the available I&C Information and Control Systems of Safety Classes 2, 3 and 4
  • Nonnuclear area for the development of innovative or upgrade the available Information and Control Systems for heat and hydro- power generating field and other industries

"Vulkan-M" controller cabinets ensure input/output and processing of the wide range of up to 360 analog or up to 720 discrete signals in any combination. The capabilities are available to connect up to 2 extension cabinets to the processor cabinet. Each extension cabinet includes the same components that houses the processor cabinet (with the exception of processor cards) to expand the processor cabinet capacity. Information and Control Systems based on "Vulkan-M" hardware may comprise up to 32 controller cabinets (two extension cabinets may be connected to each of the controller cabinets) which total capacity is up to 30,720 analog or up to 61,440 discrete signals in any combination.

"Vulkan-M" hardware completely meets the requirements of the regulatory documents of Ukraine, including the nuclear and radiation safety requirements defined for the NPP hardware of Safety Class 2. "Vulkan-M" hardware design addresses the needs of the customers and simplifies the systems installation, start-up and commissioning on site.

"Vulkan-M" hardware applies the state-of-the-art components of the world leading manufacturers, such as Motorola, Analog Devices, Traco, Atmel, and Cypress, and the advanced technical solutions that allows to improve considerably the technical characteristics and life time of the systems based on "Vulkan-M" hardware in comparison with the commercial grade hardware available on the Ukrainian market. "Vulkan-M" design documentation is developed to provide capabilities of replacement of the applied components by the ones with the adequate functions of other manufacturers, which can be easily purchased in Ukraine.

"Vulkan-M" hardware was subjected to all the acceptance tests required by the regulatory documents of Ukraine. On the bases of the test results "Vulkan-M" hardware state acceptance test commission acknowledged the possibility to start "Vulkan-M" hardware production in case if the additional tests on resistance to electrostatic discharge and microsecond and nanosecond pulse interferences are performed to confirm meeting the Safety Class 2 requirements.
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