Contract on Radiation Monitoring System Shipment to Rovno NPP Unit 4 Under Construction
December 12, 2003

Westron and NAEK Energoatom have signed the Contract on Shipment of "Vulcan-RMU4" Distributed Computer System (DCS) for measuring channels for radiation parameters important for safety of building Rovno NPP Unit 4. "Vulcan-RMU4" DCS shipment, installation and start-up shall be completed until RNPP Unit 4 start that is planned on 2004.

Shipment of the Next Equipment Lot to Temelin NPP (Czech)
December 15, 2003

Westron has shipped the next (the fourth) lot of the repaired Eagle Case 70 Power Supplies applied in the NPP Safety Systems to Temelin NPP (Czech). Eagle Case 70 Power Supplies were repaired by Westron in line with the agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company.
In the process of repair, the complete upgrade of BVR2 and BRR2 was performed by replacement of the obsolete electrical radio products with the state-of-the-art highly reliable components of world famous companies. The previous RP20 and RP21 relays were replaced by Tyco Electronics – Schrack relays installed in the specific sockets that allow to provide fast replacement of the relays or shunting diodes without use of any soldering tool. The BVR2 and BRR2 front panels were also replaced. More bright LEDs and more reliable LEDs status keys were installed on these panels.
Before BVR2 and BRR2 shipment, the following tests were successfully performed to demonstrate their functioning required for the NPP safety systems hardware: electrical safety test, environmental and mechanical test, seismic stability test, transportation test, and electromagnetic compatibility test.

Presently, Westron is providing repair and upgrade of the next lot of BVR2 and BRR2 to be shipped to ZNPP early next year on the basis of the agreement with Zaporozhye NPP.
Protections Control System's Control Members Status Display Subsystem has been implemented at Zaporozhye NPP Power Unit  4
February 13, 2003

Over the period of February 4-10, 2003 in ZNPP-4 performance of start-up works and implementation of Protections Control System's Control Members Status Display System (Emergency Control Room) for VVER-1000 reactor were successfully completed. The subsystem pilot-project was implemented in ZNPP-6 in May 2002. Analogous subsystems are planned to be implemented in ZNPP-1, 2, 3, 5 in the year of 2003. The implementation was accomplished by ZNPP and by Westron (the subsystem's developer and manufacturer).

Works for Russian NPPs
April 3, 2003

In March Westron completed the manufacture of the workstations to be supplied to Volgodonsk NPP and certified them in UkrSEPRO system. These works were performed within the Agreement on Development and Supply of Gateway System for Volgodonsk NPP concluded between Westron and Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation (VNIIAES) (Russia).

Zaporozhye NPP Unit 1 Simulator SPDS Works Have Been Successfully Completed
April 4, 2003

Westron has manufactured and supplied to ZNPP the workstation enclosures for the ZNPP Unit 1 Full-Scale Simulator Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS). The final assembly of the SPDS workstations was provided in ZNPP Training Center. Thus, Westron has fully completed integration, testing and verification of SPDS as the integral part of the ZNPP Unit 1 Full-Scale Simulator.

Leningrad NPP SPDS Equipment Manufacture Has Been Completed
April 7, 2003

Westron has completed the manufacture and testing of the equipment for the Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) for Leningrad NPP. Westron performed all SPDS equipment assembly, installation and test works during six months in Sosnovy Bor (Russia).

Seismic Stable NPP Operator Workstation Development and Test Is Completed
April 9, 2003

Westron has completed the development and seismic test of the workstations with desktop 20.1" liquid-crystal display. The workstation retains its operability before, during and after MSK–64 scale earthquake intensity 7 for elevation up to 70 meters or MSK–64 scale earthquake intensity 8 for elevation up to 13 meters. The requirements for seismic stability at safe shutdown earthquake (maximum calculated earthquake) meet the requirements specified in regulatory documents of Ukraine and Russia for NPP Safety System hardware.
The specific bracket for the display fastening allows operator to place the display with the comfortable tilting angle of 0°…15° and bend it within the range of –30°…+30° without reducing of the seismic stability of the workstation.
The first shipment of the seismic stable workstations is planning for Zaporozhye NPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System in April 2003.

Zaporozhye NPP "Vulkan-MRMR1" Distributed Computer System FAT Was a Success
April 17, 2003

On April 16-17, 2003, the factory acceptance test of "Vulkan-MRMR1" Distributed Computer System ("Vulkan-Main Radiation Monitoring Room1") developed and manufactured by Westron for Zaporozhye NPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System (ASRK) top level upgrade was successfully performed on Westron's facilities. The "Vulkan-MRMR1" Distributed Computer System works are performed in line with the Contract concluded by Westron and Zaporozhye NPP on "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS development, shipment and implementation for Zaporozhye NPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System upgrade. The "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS FAT commission included the representatives of Zaporozhye NPP. The "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS is planning to be implemented at Zaporozhye NPP within the period of April 20 – 25, 2003.
Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company Has Concluded Contract on Power Supplies Shipment to Temelin NPP (Czech Republic)
May 6, 2003

Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company has concluded contract on shipment of 40 (forty) C70-W power supplies for Temelin NPP safety systems equipment. C70-W power supplies designed and manufactured by Westron are complete functional analog to Case 70 power supplies installed in Eagle hardware cabinets at Temelin NPP. C70-W power supplies are purposed both for Case 70 replacement and for their operation in parallel with Case 70 power supplies with the common load. C70-W power supplies shipment is planned in the end of this year.

Shipment of Equipment for BALTIJOS INFORMACINES SISTEMOS (BIS), Lithuania
May 15, 2003

Westron has manufactured and supplied the MPP-A Communication Cards by request of BIS close corporation (Lithuania). MPP-A is designed by Westron for serial digital data link of PC (PCI bus) with SM-2M and M64 computation systems. The supplied kit includes the MPP-A equipment and software required for these cards operation as PC component.

"Vulkan-MRMR1" Distributed Computer System Test Is Completed at Zaporozhye NPP
May 26, 2003

On 15-20 May, 2003 the start-up and SAT of "Vulkan-MRMR1" (Main Radiation Monitoring System 1) DCS designed and manufactured by Westron on Agreement on "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS design, shipment and implementation for modernization of ZNPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System concluded by Westron and Zaporozhye NPP were successfully performed at Zaporozhye NPP.
"Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS implementation is the first phase of modernization of ZNPP RMS high level. "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS provides ZNPP Units 1,2,3,4 and Special Building 1 AKRB-03 data acquisition, processing and display and completely displays status of radiation monitoring parameters of the above Units and Special Building.
In "Vulkan-MRMR1" DCS start-up and SAT the Westron and ZNPP's personnel participated.

Westron and PNNL Have Concluded Contract on Performance of Works at Leningrad NPP
May 30, 2003

Westron and PNNL have concluded contract on additional test of the second kit of Leningrad NPP Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) hardware supplied for Leningrad NPP Unit 4 on International Nuclear Safety Program. Leningrad NPP Unit 4 SPDS hardware additional test is caused by the long terms of its storage at Leningrad NPP warehouse.
Unit 4 SPDS hardware will be tested by Westron's personnel at the same Leningrad NPP hardware assembly and test area where Westron manufactured and tested the first SPDS for Leningrad NPP.

Volgodonsk NPP Gateway System Test Has Been Successfully Completed
June 4, 2003

On May 20-28, 2003 start-up, test and commissioning of the Gateway System based on "Vulkan-GS" Distributed Computer System (DCS) were successfully completed at Volgodonsk NPP (Russia) on the first phase of Unit 1 CIS upgrade.
The Gateway System provides for acquisition and communication to the CIS top level LAN of the following data :
  • All analog and discrete parameters of KSO-1-3 and KSO-5&6 of the operational "Titan" CIS in parallel to those communicated through these KSO basic data links with SM-2M.
  • All radiation monitoring parameters of BVC-51 modules of the Radiation Monitoring System (AKRB).

"Vulkan-GS" DCS is redundant, completely meets the requirements to 3N hardware applicable in Russia and Ukraine, and holds the appropriate certificate. "Vulkan-GS" DCS incorporates commercial MPP–A cards (for CIS KSO data acquisition) and MPr-A (for AKRB data acquisition) developed and manufactured by Westron.
The Gateway System commissioning works were performed by the personnel of Volgodonsk NPP, NPP Scientific and Research Institute (VNIIAES) (the Customer) and Westron (the Gateway System designer and supplier).

State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine Approved "Vulkan-M" Hardware Technical Specifications
September 1, 2003

State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine has approved technical specifications on "Vulkan-M" hardware developed and manufactured by Westron.
"Vulkan-M" hardware has successfully passed through all required tests. "Vulkan-M" hardware acceptance test was performed by commission assigned by order of NAEK Energoatom. State Scientific and Technical Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety provided expert assessment of "Vulkan-M" hardware documentation.
"Vulkan-M" hardware is designed for a versatile NPP I&C control and information systems and other industrial applications. "Vulkan-M" is designed to take advantage of innovative approaches to systems design and building and future developments of electronics and software. Westron has developed product with the capabilities to facilitate the systems installation, setup and operation to meet the requirements of the customers. The key issue of Westron was to minimize cost and improve operating characteristics of the systems based on "Vulkan-M" hardware.

Rovno NPP "Vulkan-RM3" System FAT
November 10, 2003

On November 5-6, 2003, Westron successfully performed "Vulkan-RM3" System FAT (first phase of shipment). "Vulkan-RM3" System is designed for Rovno Unit 3 Radiation Monitoring System (ASRK) upgrade. "Vulkan-RM3" System activities are fulfilled on the agreement on shipment of equipment for measuring channels for radiation parameters important for Rovno NPP Unit 3 safety concluded between Westron and Atomkomplekt of NAEK ENERGOATOM. The System installation and start-up shall be completed at
Rovno NPP Unit 3 in December 2003.

Success of South-Ukraine NPP Feedwater Flow and Steam Generator Level Control System (FWCS) Based on "Vulkan-M" Hardware Start-Up and SAT
November 10, 2003

Within the period of October 1 – November 7 of 2003, South-Ukraine NPP Unit 3 Feedwater Flow and Steam Generator Level Control System (FWCS) installation, start-up and SAT were successfully performed on SUNPP Unit 3 steam generator feedwater unit regulators upgrade project and in line with works schedule on Unit 3 startup after its outage.
FWCS based on "Vulkan-M" hardware is designed and manufactured by Westron, the chief designer of the system. FWCS control algorithms (functional design) and control algorithms implementation program are developed by LvovORGRES. Emerson provided the shipment of FISHER control valves along with electric drives and positioners.
FWCS start-up and SAT were successful, without comments. FWCS meets the project steam generator level regulators and Turbine Driven Feedwater Pump productivity regulators specifications. FWCS tests demonstrated the system functioning in all Unit 3 modes. FWCS proper functioning was also demonstrated while Turbine Control System electrical subsystem testing at circulating pump switch off and Unit switchover to its local needs.
After Unit 3 startup, FWCS regulators have been running in the auto mode. FWCS putting into its pilot operation is planning until the end of November of the current year.

Zaporozhye NPP Control Rod Upgraded BVR2 and BRR2 Are Put Into Pilot Operation
November 25, 2003

n November 1, 2003 the first lot of BVR2 and BRR2 units repaired by Westron was put into pilot operation on Zaporozhye NPP Unit 3. BVR2 and BRR2 are installed into Control Rod (emergency protection and alarm protection) PAK-2 alarm command panel.
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