NAEK "Energoatom" Has Approved Westron LLC as Its Qualified Supplier
January 19, 2004

NAEK "Energoatom" has approved Westron LLC as its qualified supplier with the right to develop, manufacture, supply, and implement products for the Ukrainian NPPs (Zaporozhye NPP, South-Ukraine NPP, Rovno NPP, and Khmelnitskiy NPP), including without any limitations:
  • NPP Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&C)
  • NPP Monitoring and Control Systems software
  • Electronic hardware and its enclosures

The above decision of NAEK "Energoatom" made on the basis of positive independent assessment of Westron LLC qualification by NPP Operation Support Institute LLC is valid until 2007. Westron's qualification assessment was performed in accordance with the procedures applicable in NAEK "Energoatom" and due to expiration of validity of the similar decision of the year 2000.

Contract on the Extra Job for the Ringhals NPP (Sweden)
February 5, 2004

Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company have signed the Contract on integrated I&C Workstations Displays Development and Verification on the Swedish Ringhals NPP Power Unit 2 Upgrade Project. The works will be completed within the 4th stage (WP4) of I&C Upgrade. Westinghouse Electric Company is the General Contractor on the Ringhals NPP I&C Upgrade. Westron as its subcontractor is performing the substantial scope of engineer works.

Successful Completion of Zaporozhye NPP Control Rod Upgraded BVR2 and BRR2 Pilot Operation
March 10, 2004

On February 25, 2004  the pilot operation  of the first lot of Zaporozhye NPP Unit 3 BVR2 and BRR2 units repaired by Westron was successfully completed and BVR2 and BRR2 are put into commercial operation. In the process of repair, the BVR2 and BRR2 were completely upgraded.
State-of-the-art components installed instead of the obsolete ones improve their maintainability. BVR2 and BRR2 maintenance may be provided on site by ZNPP maintenance personnel.
The repaired BVR2 and BRR2 fully comply with the 2U hardware requirements.

Successful Rovno NPP "Vulkan-RM3" Radiation Monitoring System Start-Up and SAT
March 10, 2004

During the period of February 16, 2004 until March 4, 2004 Westron successfully performed on Rovno NPP Unit 3 the "Vulkan-RM3" Radiation Monitoring System installation, start-up and SAT related to measuring channels for radiation parameters important for safety of the second safety system that were designed for Rovno Unit 3 Radiation Monitoring System (ASRK) upgrade.
System start-up and SAT have demonstrated that Radiation Monitoring System based on "Vulkan-RM3" system met the contemporary requirements for NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems.
Commissioning of RNPP Unit 3 Radiation Monitoring System based on "Vulkan-RM3" system is planning until the end of March of 2004.

Westron Has Started Hardware Shipment for Rovno NPP Unit 4
March 29, 2004

Westron has started shipment of hardware for "Vulkan-RM4" Radiation Monitoring Distributed Computer System (DCS) for its installation at Rovno NPP Unit 4 which building has been finishing. The DCS activities are performed on the Contract concluded between Westron and Atomkomplekt of NAEK ENERGOATOM.

Westron and PNNL have Concluded Contract on Performance of Works at Leningrad NPP
May 11, 2004

Westron and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have concluded Contract on upgrade of Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) hardware supplied to Leningrad NPP on International Nuclear Safety Program. The Contract SPDS hardware kit will be similar to SPDS hardware kit manufactured by Westron in 2003.
SPDS hardware will be upgraded by Westron's experts at the same assembly and test area of Leningrad NPP site where the first Leningrad NPP SPDS was manufactured and tested by Westron.

NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems Upgrade Workshop
May 19, 2004

On May 18, 2004 NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems Upgrade Workshop was held at Westron (Kharkov) that discussed in details Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS) design strategy, hardware and software of Westron and Pozitron applied for RMS design, and experience of implementation and upgrade of RMS based on "Vulkan-RK" Distributed Computer System at Nuclear Power Stations of Ukraine. Russian colleagues furnished the participants of the workshop with the main tendencies of Russian NPP RMS upgrade. Issues related to design of RMS low level (transdusers and actuators) were also covered.
Radiation Monitoring Systems Upgrade Workshop participants:
NAEK "Energoatom", State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine, "Rosenergoatom" concern (Russia), Rovno NPP, Zaporozhye NPP, South Ukraine NPP, Chernobyl NPP, Westron, Pozitron, KIEP, KhIEP, "Kharkov Physical and Technical Institute" National Scientific Center, "Institute of Metrology" National Scientific Center, "Shelter" object project management unit, "Ukratompribor" corporation, "Atomkomplekspribor" Research and Production Enterprise, "DARS" Research and Production Enterprise, and Research and Production Complex of Automatics and Machine Building.

"Vulkan-M-CCWS" Hardware-Software System is Ready for Shipment to Nassiriyah Fossil Power Plant (Iraq)
June 2, 2004

On May 27, 2004, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of "Vulkan-M-CCWS" Software-Hardware System (HSS) for Nassiriyah Circulated Cooling Water System I&C (CCWS) was a success.
HSS FAT to demonstrate proper functioning of all HSS control and information functions running in various CCWS hardware modes was performed on Westron's area by FAT commission, including representatives of Interenergoservice (Moscow), "Energoprojekt" institute (Kharkov) and Westron.
FAT commission has made the decision based on HSS FAT results that "Vulkan-M-CCWS" Software-Hardware System is ready for its shipment on site.
HSS was designed and manufactured by Westron on contract concluded with Interenergoservice (Moscow) for Nassiriyah Fossil Power Plant upgrade project implemented by Interenergoservice in Iraq.
HSS is based on "Vulkan-M" hardware designed and manufactured by Westron for building of advanced Control and Information Systems for industrial sites, including nuclear and fossil power plants.

Westron Has Completed Kozloduy NPP CIS Start-up and SAT
July 14, 2004

Westron has successfully completed start-up and SAT of Kozloduy NPP Unit 5 CIS (Bulgaria) performed on Kozloduy NPP Unit 5 CIS replacement project. The chief project company is Westinghouse Electric Company.
Westron's scope of works:
  • Development, manufacture, shipment and putting into operation of the new CIS data links interfaces with Unit 5 In-Core Monitoring System (SVRK) and Radiation Monitoring System (AKRB).
  • CIS MMI programming.
  • Development of some CIS NAPs, i.e. Centralized Testing, Protections and Interlocks Monitoring and Calculation of Technical and Economic Indexes, etc.

"Vulcan-M" Hardware Fully Comply with NPP Safety Class 2 Requirements
July 28, 2004

On 27 July, 2004 tests of "Vulcan-M" hardware for Information and Control Systems (ICS) and for Safety Class 2 systems were successfully completed.

"Vulcan-M" hardware final tests performed on July 26–27 demonstrated meeting of "Vulcan-M" hardware the safety requirements stated in Requirements on Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Information and Control Systems Important for NPP Safety NP 306.5.02/3.035-2000 related to:
  • static electricity discharges - 8 kV
  • microsecond pulse noises in power circuits (common mode noise pulse amplitude - 2 kV, normal mode noise pulse amplitude - 4 kV)
  • nanosecond pulse noises (noise pulse amplitude for power circuits and safety ground - 4 kV, I/O circuits - 2kV)
Thus, Westron has successfully completed tests of "Vulcan-M" hardware for Control & Information Systems and Safety Class 2 systems according to "Nuclear Power Stations Safety. General. NP 306.1.02/1.034-2000".
"Vulcan-M" hardware is designed for building of the advanced ICS for industrial plants, including nuclear and thermal power plants and manufactured by Westron from 2002. Systems based on "Vulcan-M" hardware are supplied and implemented at the plants and other industrial sites from 2003.

Rovno NPP Unit 4 "Vulcan-RM4" Radiation Monitoring System Start-up and Pre-SAT
July 30, 2004

"Vulcan-RM4" Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) installation, start-up and pre-SAT related to measuring channels for radiation parameters important for safety were performed at Rovno NPP Unit 4 within the period from 23 June until 26 July 2004.
Rovno NPP Unit 4 "Vulcan-RM4" RMS putting into pilot operation was provided by the personnel of Rovno NPP, Westron and Pozitron accordingly to the Unit 4 building and start schedules. Unit 4 "Vulcan-RM4" RMS hardware was shipped on the agreement between Westron and Atomkomplekt of NAEK ENERGOATOM.
Rovno NPP Unit 4 "Vulcan-RM4" RMS tests has demonstrated that the Radiation Monitoring System based on "Vulcan-RM4" completely meets the applicable requirements on NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems.
29 сентября 2004 года Вестрону исполнилось 10 лет. По сути, это первый действительно «круглый» юбилей нашего предприятия. Для нас очень важно, что все эти годы, начиная с первого дня своей деятельности, Вестрон активно и успешно работает и развивается. Главное свидетельство этого – огромный объем выполненных работ и десятки внедренных систем контроля и управления, которые эффективно эксплуатируются нашими Заказчиками.

Основным направлением деятельности предприятия с момента его создания является выполнение полного комплекса работ по автоматизированным системам управления технологическими процессами (АСУ ТП) промышленных предприятий, включая проектирование, изготовление, испытания, поставки, внедрение и сопровождение в эксплуатации систем АСУ ТП атомных и тепловых электростанций, других промышленных объектов.
30 сентября 2004 г.

29 сентября 2004 года Вестрон торжественно отметил 10-летие со дня образования и начала деятельности.
Поздравить коллектив предприятия с праздником прибыли представители ряда предприятий и организаций Украины и России, работающих в области энергетики и других отраслях промышленности.

В числе других праздничных мероприятий на предприятии в этот день был проведен семинар «Вестрон. Современные системы контроля и управления для объектов энергетики и промышленности».
На семинаре был представлен обзор деятельности предприятия с момента его основания до сегодняшних дней, представлены выполняемые проекты, а также программно-аппаратные платформы, которые разработаны и используются Вестроном для создания систем АСУ ТП.
All Trade and Westron Has Won TACIS Bid
October 27, 2004

ALL Trade (Italy) and Westron has won TACIS bid on shipment to South-Ukraine NPP the hardware for Automatised Chemistry Control and Diagnosis Expert System (ACCDES).
The SUNPP Units 1, 2 & 3 ACCDES design, manufacture, shipment and implementation are within Westron's scope of works.

Successful Completion of Rovno NPP Unit 3 "Vulcan-RM3" Radiation Monitoring System SAT
November 12, 2004

"Vulcan-RM3" Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) installation, start-up and SAT within the full scope of measuring channels for radiation parameters important for safety were successfully performed at Rovno NPP Unit 3 during the period from 18 October until 8 November 2004.
"Vulcan-RM3" RMS commissioning was provided by the personnel of Rovno NPP, Westron and Pozitron in conformity with Rovno NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems upgrade schedules. "Vulkan-RM3" RMS hardware shipment was provided on the agreement between Westron LLC and Atomkomplekt of NAEK ENERGOATOM. "Vulkan-RM3" RMS commissioning within the scope of measuring channels for radiation parameters important for safety of second safety system was fulfilled on March 2004.
The similar "Vulcan-RM4" RMS commissioning was performed at Rovno NPP Unit 4 on summer 2004. "Vulcan-RM" based RMS operation on Rovno NPP Units 3 and 4 as well as "Vulcan-RM3" RMS SAT on Unit 3 have demonstrated that "Vulkan-RM" based Radiation Monitoring System meets the contemporary requirements for NPP Radiation Monitoring Systems.

Application of "Vulcan-M" Hardware in NPP Safety Class 2 Information and Control Systems is Approved by State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine
November 17, 2004

State Nuclear Regulatory Administration of Ukraine has approved "Vulcan-M" Hardware Technical Requirements for "Vulcan-M" hardware application in Information and Control Systems related to Safety Class 2 in conformity with Nuclear and Radiation Safety Requirements for Information and Control Systems Important for NPP Safety НП 306.5.02/3.035-2000.

Westron Has Commenced To Deliver the C70-W Power Supplies Intended for Temelin NPP (Czechia) Safety Systems' Equipment
December 14, 2004

Westron has manufactured, tested and delivered to the Customer the first lot of the C70-W Power Supplies to be used for the Czech Temelin NPP Safety Systems. The C70-W Power Supplies have been developed under a contract concluded between Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company. The power supplies are intended to replace the existing Power Supplies Case 70, also the C70-W Power Supplies are intended to serve in parallel with Power Supplies Case 70 for common load in the Eagle equipment cabinets.

The prototypes of the C70 Power Supplies have subjected to complete volume of the tests required for the equipment intended for NPP safety systems: the functional tests have been conducted in test beds at the Westron, Westinghouse and NPP Temelin sites; the stability against external influences have been tested by the independent laboratories in Kharkov (Ukraine) and New Stanton (USA).

ВЕСТРОН - 10 лет на рынке высоких технологий
Уважаемые коллеги, друзья!
Говоря о пути, которое предприятие прошло за эти десять лет, безусловно, надо вспомнить наиболее значимые работы, которыми мы по праву можем гордиться. Это и первая в мире замена информационно вычислительной системы (ИВС) на энергоблоке ВВЭР-1000 (ЮУАЭС-1; 1998), и внедрение систем представления параметров безопасности (СППБ) на всех действующих энергоблоках ВВЭР-1000 Украины (ЮУАЭС-1,2,3; ЗАЭС-1,2,3,4,5,6; РАЭС-3; ХАЭС-1; 1998-2001), и внедрение систем управления уровнем в парогенераторах (ЮУАЭС-1,2,3; 1997-2003) и многое, многое другое. Следует отметить и работы, которые Вестрон выполняет для заказчиков за пределами Украины – в России (Ленинградская и Волгодонская АЭС), в Болгарии (АЭС Козлодуй), в Чехии (АЭС Темелин) в Швеции (АЭС Рингхалс), Ираке (ТЭС Нассирия), в США (Westinghouse) и других странах.

С первых лет работы был взят курс на разработку и использование в проектах программно-аппаратных платформ, соответствующих самым передовым требованиям. Выпускаемые Вестроном комплексы технических средств (КТС) «Вулкан»/«Вулкан-М», вместе с программной платформой «VMS», позволяют создавать эффективные и надежные системы для автоматизации промышленных объектов, учитывая все требования Заказчиков.

Система менеджмента качества Вестрона полностью соответствует стандарту ISO 9001-2000. Наше предприятие одним из первых в Украине произвело ее сертификацию. Вестрон является утвержденным корпоративным поставщиком НАЭК «Энергоатом», с правом разработки, изготовления, поставки и внедрения своей продукции на АЭС Украины, а также квалифицированным поставщиком компании Westinghouse.

Удовлетворение требований и ожиданий Заказчиков является приоритетным направлением нашей деятельности. Мы искренне признательны нашим Заказчикам и Партнерам за их поддержку и большой вклад в наши совместные проекты.

Успехи предприятия во многом обеспечены его главной ценностью – людьми. На предприятии работают высококвалифицированные специалисты по системному анализу и проектированию, функциональному проектированию, программному обеспечению, конструированию электронной аппаратуры, изготовлению и испытаниям систем и устройств. Успех Вестрона – это результат их самоотверженного труда и энтузиазма.

Свой юбилей мы встречаем полными творческой энергии, планов, желания трудиться. Впереди у нас много интересных проектов. У нас много новых идей, желания, сил и возможностей для их реализации. Мы уверены, что дружные усилия, энтузиазм, профессионализм позволят нашему коллективу постоянно находиться на передовых рубежах.

Считаю своей приятной обязанностью поздравить с десятилетием Вестрона всех сотрудников предприятия, всех наших партнеров и друзей, одним словом - всех тех людей, благодаря труду которых мы встречаем этот первый «круглый» юбилей нашими достижениями и с уверенностью смотрим в будущее.

Генеральный директор ООО «Вестрон»
М.А. Чернышов
Всем работникам предприятия, участникам семинара и гостям были вручены памятные подарки, сувениры с символикой Вестрона.
Праздничные мероприятия завершились торжественным приёмом и праздничным концертом.
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