Westron Has Won Armenia NPP Safety System Tender
January 31, 2005

Westron has won Armenia NPP Unit 2 Diesel Generator Load Sequencer (DGLS) hardware shipment tender of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL, USA).
Safety Class 2 DGLS control system aimed to control start of diesel generators that ensure Unit power in case of emergency will be based on "Vulcan-M" hardware designed and manufactured by Westron.
DGLS implementation is planning during Armenia NPP Unit 2 outage in 2005.

Westron and VNIIAES (Russia) Has Signed Rostov NPP CIS Upgrade Contract
February 2, 2005

Westron and Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation (VNIIAES, Russia) has signed contract on additional scope of works on Rostov NPP Unit 1 Computer Information System (CIS) upgrade project implemented by VNIIAES.
For this project Westron has designed and implemented the Gateway System that has been successfully running on Rostov NPP Unit 1 from 2003 providing the new CIS workstations with process data collected by M-64.

SUNPP Unit 2 Computer Information System Upgrade
February 4, 2005

NAEK Energoatom and Westron have signed contracts on replacement of South-Ukraine NPP Unit 2 CIS. All project works shall be completed at the earliest possible time to ensure CIS upgrade during the Unit 2 outage in 2005.
Extract from message of February 3, 2005 on NAEK Energoatom site
"SUNPP "million-kilowatt" Unit 2 upgrade covers complicated and labour intensive replacement of Upper and Low Levels Computer Information Systems (CIS). The implementation of the first part of the project is provided on the International Nuclear Safety Aid Program arranged by USA. Low Level CIS replacement will be performed at NPP's expense. Thus, the exhausted Unit 2 CIS hardware will be completely replaced."
Shipment of SUNPP Unit 2 CIS Hardware
April 10, 2005

On April 7, 2005 Westron provided shipment of "Vulcan-CIS/SPD-2" integrated system hardware in conformity with the SUNPP Unit 2 Computer Information System Replacement Schedule. "Vulcan-CIS/SPD-2" FAT was successfully performed on March 29-30, 2005.

Kickoff Meeting on TACIS Project at SUNPP
April 12, 2005

The representatives of Westron took part in a kickoff meeting on TACIS project U1.02/01A that took place on April 7 at South-Ukraine NPP. Westron performs works on development of Automatised Chemistry Control and Diagnosis Expert System for SUNPP on this TACIS project.
The official web site of NAEK "Energoatom" of April 11, 2005 states as follows:
"The other day a kickoff meeting on one of the international technical aid projects was held at South-Ukraine NPP. This project on upgrade of SUNPP Primary and Secondary chemistry controls is implemented on TACIS program. The Automatised Chemistry Control and Diagnosis Expert System will be developed, the new reactor boron concentration devices will be installed on SUNPP Units 1 & 2, and some other works will be performed on this project.
More than 10 companies and organizations are involved in this project. Presently, the Technical Requirements are being developed. It is assumed that the project will be implemented during three years, including the current year."

Radiation Monitoring System Hardware Shipment to Rovno NPP
April 28, 2005

Westron has shipped Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) hardware to Rovno NPP (RNPP Units 1 & 2 MCR and ECR Exposure Rate Monitoring System and RNPP Units 1, 2 and 3 Heat Network Radionuclid Protection System) in line with the comprehensive NPP Units modernization and safety improvement program approved by the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine. RMS hardware manufacture and shipment are provided on contract with Atomkomplekt of NAEK Energoatom.

Zaporozhye NPP Unit 1 Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade
April 29, 2005

"Vulcan-RM1" Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) installation has been completed and its start-up is in the progress in the scope of measuring channels for ZNPP Unit 1 Safety System 2 radiation parameters. Westron has provided the scheduled shipment of "Vulcan-RM1" hardware for upgrade of measuring channels for ZNPP Unit 1 Safety System 1 radiation parameters..

One More Phase of Rostov NPP CIS Upgrade Project is Completed
May 4, 2005

Westron has completed the next phase of works on Rostov NPP Unit 1 Information & Computer System (CIS) upgrade project on contract with Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation (VNIIAES), Moscow. In April, during Rostov NPP Unit 1 outage, the supplementary diagnostics of "Vulkan-GS" Gateway System was implemented that will permit Unit personnel to receive on-line detailed diagnostic data on M-64M information complex and "Vulkan-GS" hardware status.
"Vulkan" hardware based "Vulkan-GS" Gateway System is designed by Westron to provide communications between the upgraded CIS Upper Level and Data Acquisition and Processing Subsystem based on M-64M. "Vulkan-GS" is operational at Rostov NPP since 2003.

South-Ukraine NPP Unit 2 Computer Information System "Vulcan-CIS/SPD-2" Site Acceptance Test Has Been Successfully Completed
May 17, 2005

New integrated Computer Information System (CIS) based on "Vulcan-CIS/SPD-2" Distributed Computer System developed and manufactured by Westron has been put into pilot operation at South-Ukraine NPP Unit 2.
SUNPP Unit 2 CIS replacement has been performed in line with NAEK "Energoatom" NPP I&C upgrade schedule. The shipment of hardware components for CIS Upper Level manufacture was provided on International Nuclear Safety Program (INSP). For CIS Low Level hardware manufacture part of Chernobyl NPP Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) hardware was used. Some CIS Low Level subsystems are based on Westron's serial "Vulcan-M" hardware.

The process of CIS replacement was performing simultaneously with SUNPP Unit 2 SPDS upgrade and its integration with CIS. SUNPP Unit 2 integrated CIS start-up and its put into operation were provided by the personnel of Westron and SUNPP during Unit 2 outage in April-May, 2005.
"Vulcan-CIS/SPD-2" SAT results have demonstrated the advanced performance characteristics of the system and its complete conformity with its technical requirements.
Message on SUNPP Unit 2 replacement of the NAEK Energoatom site:

SUNPP Unit 2 Computer Information System (CIS) Has Been Replaced

CIS SAT was completed on May 16, 2005. CIS Upper Level upgrade is provided on one of the nuclear safety technical aid projects arranged by USA. CIS hardware was supplied by Westinghouse, the world famous company.
SUNPP has performed CIS Low Level replacement at the second "million-kilowatt" Unit at its own expense. The decision was made to use some hardware earlier supplied by the American company for Chernobyl NPP Unit 3 Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS). This approach has provided the opportunity to make the project $2,5 millions cheaper and has allowed completely replacement of the hardware which resources have been exhausted.
The personnel of Westron (Kharkov), a long-standing partner of South-Ukraine NPP, was involved jointly with the personnel of SUNPP Thermal Instrumentation Control and Service and a number of subcontractors in the process of CIS replacement. CIS replacement project was not the first joint project for SUNPP and Westron. Westron's personnel were involved in implementation of a number of SUNPP upgrade projects.
The similar reconstruction was performed on SUNPP Unit 1 in 1998. SUNPP personnel highly praised the reliable 7 years operation of the American equipment.
This year the first phase of SUNPP Unit 3 CIS upgrade will be realized.
Westron's QMS is one of the first Ukrainian QMS systems certified by international TUV CERT company on its meeting the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. TUV CERT has prolonged the term of validity of Westron's QMS Certificate # 75 100 8761 until December 19, 2007 after its successful audit.

Westron's QMS Certificate covers "design, manufacture, commissioning, and maintenance of the systems and hardware for NPPs and thermal power plants I&C systems and I&C systems for other industrial sites".
TUV CERT Prolonged Westron's Quality Management System Certificate
January 10, 2005
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