The Contract on Engineering Services for Upgrade of Computer Systems for Koeberg NPP (South Africa) Has Been Signed
March 12, 2009
Vandellos NPP (Spain) Essential Service Water (EJ) System Software Test Has Been Completed
May 7, 2009

The test of software for Essential Service Water (EJ) System for Unit 2 of Vandellos Nuclear Power Plant (Spain) has been successfully completed on the Westron’s facilities. The test participants: Westinghouse (USA), the Customer, and the representatives of Vandellos NPP.

General Director of Westron Has Been Awarded by Order of Merit
May 22, 2009

On decree ¹341/2009 of the President of Ukraine, M. A. Chernyshov, General Director of Westron, has been awarded by Order of Merit for his considerable personal contribution in the development of domestic instrument manufacturing; breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of the state-of-the-art control systems; implementation of the new technologies; and on the event of 50th anniversary of Hartron joint-stock company.

Armenia NPP Automatic Control System and Diesel Generator Synchronization System (ACS) and Excitation Control Systems (ECS) FAT
June 16, 2009

ANPP Unit 2 ACS and ECS FAT has been successfully completed in Westron. The systems are designed for control of the startup, operation and synchronization of the emergency diesel generators that ensure ANPP Unit 2 power in case of its emergency de-energization.
The ACS classified as Safety Class 2 system is based on “Vulcan-M” hardware designed and manufactured by Westron.
The ECS is designed and manufactured by Research-and-Production Association “Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company” (SPEC), the subcontractor of Westron.
The systems putting into pilot operation on ANPP Unit 2 is planning during the ANPP Unit 2 outage period.

South Baghdad Thermal Power Station Unit 3 Startup
July 1, 2009

On 28 June 23:31 of local time, the South Baghdad Thermal Power Station (TPS) Unit 3 equipped with the Digital Control System (DCS) based on the “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” platform was connected to the Iraq power grid and started energy generation.
Unit 3 is the second TPS Unit that is completely equipped with the Monitoring and Control System designed and manufactured by Westron. TPS Unit 4 startup was provided on December 2008.
The DCS based on Westron’s commercial “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” hardware provides all TPS Unit 3 DCS functions, including the protections and interlocks, the auto process control, Unit 3 Upper Level functions and Main Control Room (MCR). The process control is provided directly from MCR workstation displays.

Diesel Generator Automatic Control System for NPPs of Ukraine Acceptance Test Has Been Completed
July 20, 2009

Diesel Generator Automatic Control System (DG ACS) acceptance commission, including the representatives of NAEK "Energoatom”, State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine, ZNPP, SUNPP, RNPP, and KhNPP, has successfully performed the acceptance test of NPP DG ACS that provides power for the de-energized safety systems and/or non-safety systems equipment in case of emergency.
Westron has designed DG ACS on the basis of “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” platform. DG ACS acceptance commission recommended DG ACS as the base DG ACS for the DG stations upgrade on the operational NPPs and NPPs under construction of Ukraine and other countries where various DG types and connection circuits are applied.

Westron Has Confirmed Its Westinghouse Qualified Supplier Status
July 20, 2009

From July 13 through 17, 2009, Westinghouse Electric (USA) conducted Westron LLC qualification audit. Westron LLC has confirmed its status as Westinghouse qualified supplier of equipment and services for nuclear power plants.

Westron Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
September 25, 2009
Westron has signed the contract with Westinghouse (USA) on engineering services for upgrade of the Plant Computer System (KIT) at Units 1 and 2 of Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant (South Africa).
Westron’s scope of supply comprises the following:
  • HMI Design
  • Displays Design and Programming
  • Alarm Design
  • HSR Design
  • Periodic Test Monitor Design
  • System Integration and participation in SAT
The KIT will be based on “Ovation” platform. The installation of the upgraded Koeberg NPP Units 1 and 2 KIT is scheduled on the years 2010 and 2011.
Westron is proud of many of the completed projects and works. Among them are replacement of VVER-1000 Unit Computer Information System (CIS), the first in the world; Safety Parameter Display Systems (SPDS) implemented at VVER-1000 Units operational in Ukraine; VVER-1000 and VVER-440 Units Steam Generator Level Control Systems; Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS); Emergency Regulators; NPP Diesel Generator Control Systems; I&C systems for thermal power plants; and many, many others.
Westron is one of the first in Ukraine who holds ISO 9001-2000 and DSTU ISO 9001-2000 Certificate. Westron is certified as the supplier of NAEK “Energoatom” and as the qualified supplier of Westinghouse. Meeting the requirements and wishes of the Customers is the priority of Westron.
Personnel are the great value of our company. Westron employs high skilled experts on system analysis and design; functional design; software; electronic hardware design; and systems and devices manufacture and test. Westron’s success is achieved due to their self-sacrificing labor and enthusiasm.
Highest degree of professionalism, competence and experience of the personnel; modern design and manufacture equipment; and dynamic development are the main characteristics of Westron that make our company one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine engaged in the field of Monitoring & Control Systems for NPPs, thermal power stations and other industrial enterprises.

Computerized Procedures System Has Been Put Into Pilot Operation
October 15, 2009

The Computerized Procedures System (CPS) has been put into pilot operation on Zaporozhye NPP Unit 5 Full-Scale Simulator. Radically new CPS provides reactor design basis and over design basis accident conditions control. The accident status and initiating event diagnostics are based on the predefined reactor symptoms and parameters.

Armenia NPP Unit 2 Diesel Generator Automatic Control Systems Have Been Put Into Pilot Operation
October 21, 2009

The SAT of the Diesel Generator Automatic Control Systems (DG ACS) for the Unit 2 first Train of Safety System is a success and the DG ACS systems have been put into pilot operation.
The upgrade process has resulted in implementation of the state-of-the-art digital DG control, synchronization and excitation systems and in the replacement of sensors, instrumentation equipment and cable network.
The DG ACS systems are based on the commercial Vulcan-M hardware manufactured by Westron. The Diesel Generator Excitation Control Systems (ECS) were manufactured by Research-and-Production Association “Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company” (Russia).
All NPP Safety System requirements have been completely satisfied.
The DG ACS upgrade efforts of Westron’s experts are greatly appreciated by ANPP management and personnel.

Koeberg NPP (South Africa) Successful Completion of Unit 1 Plant Computer System FAT
November 17, 2009

Koeberg NPP Unit 1 Plant Computer System (KIT) FAT has been successfully completed at Westinghouse premises. In the KIT FAT participated the representatives of ESCOM (South Africa), the Customer; and Westinghouse and Westron who have carried out the KIT works.
KIT is based on the Ovation platform. Westron’s scope of project works under the contract with Westinghouse covers Human-Machine Interface, Alarm, HSR, and Periodic Test design, as well as the system integration and participation in the KIT Pre-SAT and SAT.

On September 29, our Company celebrates its 15th anniversary. Great jobs were done during these years. Systems designed and manufactured by Westron operate successfully at all NPPs of Ukraine. Westron performs considerable scope of I&C works for Customers in USA, Armenia, Spain, South African Republic, Iraq and other countries.

We are grateful to all our Customers and Partners for our joint interesting works, for friendly and fruitful atmosphere, for understanding and support.
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