Experts of National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” and Zaporizhzhya NPP Has Got Acquainted with the Westron Experience on the Comprehensive Modernization of ACS BDES NPP with VVER Power Units
March 28, 2012

In Westron on March 27-28, 2012 was held a meeting on modernization of automatic control systems (ACS), backup diesel-electric stations (BDES) NPP with VVER power units.
At the meeting of experts National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” and Zaporizhzhya NPP got themselves acquainted with the unique experience of Westron on comprehensive modernization of ACS BDES Armenian NPP (4 sets), power unit #1 of Rivne NPP (CSS-1, 2,3) and with manufactured Software and Hardware Complex (SHC) ACS BDES for power units # 2 of Rivne NPP and a #1 of South-Ukrainian NPP.
During the meeting, experts and “Energoatom” and ZNPP were provided with information on all major subsystems of the ACS BDES, including SHC based on the platform "Vulcan / Vulcan-M", on system of automatic frequency control, excitation system, protection panels, control equipment, electrical parts 6 kV, electrical part 0.4 kV, settings recorder. Process technology was introduced for HSC ACS BDES, including testing of closed-loop model of the object.
At Westron test site participants familiarized themselves with the work of delivery kits HSC ACS BDES RNPP and SUNPP.
Products Manufactured by Westron Are Known in Czech Republic
April 4, 2012

he magazine Atomix (edition of Dukovany NPP, Czech Republic) published an article about the modernization project of radiation monitoring systems at Dukovany NPP, which was successfully completed last year. This article, in particular, reports:
“... A large-scale investment project TPo 3257 “Modernization of radiation monitoring equipment” was implemented. The main supplier for investment corporation CEZ Group was the company I&C Energo and its subcontractors, the company VF, a.s., Cherna Gora (supplier of instrumentation and data processing equipment in CISRK), the company Westron, Kharkov (supplier of equipment for processing and radiation monitoring data presenting, satisfying the highest requirements for safety) and the Russian company Impuls, Pyatigorsk (supplier of components of measuring instruments). The contract with the supplier was signed in late 2009. During 2010, the preparatory work were carried out, the project implementation started in early 2011...“
The system comprises of: multifunctional control and administration device MPKU-150, board for the measurement of ðÍ in the clarifier cone and water turbidity at sample points, built up on high-precision chemical sensors, as well as the next generation dosing pump, ultrasound flow meter, controlling continuous blowdown valve, electrified damper of intermittent blowdown.

Introduction of the control system allowed the implementation of automatic reagents feed regulation and the improvement of the water quality at the clarifier output that was confirmed by laboratory tests, made it possible to perform diagnostics of the processing equipment, to record the procedure of the operational process in the form suitable for assessment.
February 24, 2012
An article "Preference to the Domestic Equipment" on the modernization of the control system of reserve diesel-electric generators at Rovno NPP was published in "ENERGOATOM of Ukraine" magazine (No.6, November-December 2011).
Implementation of the Clarifier Control System at the TPP Slavyanskaya
January 20, 2012

Westron have completed performing works on design, manufacture, installation, and start-up of the clarifier No.4 control system at the TPP Slavyanskaya. The system has been commissioned.
DDC is based on “Vulcan”/”Vulcan-Ì” hardware and includes sub complex of workstations (SC WKS), which is equipped by input/output subsystem, current and voltage amplifiers, commuting and connection devices.
Software created by National University “Lvivska Polytechnika” secures the work of DDC in the mode of a mathematical model of power units in a power grid and can operate jointly with real excitation systems of different types.
Mathematical model is based on “medium voltage method” which secures steadiness to disturbances and DDC stable operation without time limits.

Using of DDC for electric power stations allows to:
  • Make the analysis and adjustment of excitation systems taking into account operation of other power units of the plant and power grid
  • Make static and dynamic evaluations of processes
  • Test the excitation regulator without its connection to the generator
  • Make analysis of operation of excitation systems under abnormal conditions
  • Estimate the influence of different situations in the power grid for the work of generator’s excitation system
  • Check the generator’s protection triggering
  • Train personnel (in this case DDC is used as a simulator).

Reconstruction of the First Phase of the Radiation Monitoring System Equipment for Rovno NPP
November 30, 2012

The scale reconstruction of the Radiation Control Panel (RCP) has been conducted in the first phase of the Rovno NPP (Units ¹1, 2). The assembling of the Control Panel was changed and up-to-date Radiation Control Panels manufactured by Westron were installed.
The channels for radiation monitoring of vent stack and emergency radiation control have been installed and integrated into Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) of Power Unit “Vulcan-RM2” on Rovno NPP Unit ¹2.
The similar actions on Rovno NPP Unit ¹1 were conducted in July 2012.

The Contract on Engineering Services for Upgrade of Computer System for Vandellos NPP (Spain) Has Been Signed
December 13, 2012

Westron has signed the contract with Westinghouse Electric Company (USA) on engineering services for upgrade of the Ñentralized computer system (SAMO) at Unit ¹2 of Vandellos Nuclear Power Plant (Spain).
Westron’s scope of supply comprises is the following:
  • Functional Design (including Safety Parameter Display Systems)
  • Application software Coding and Testing
  • SAMO Reliability Analysis
  • System Integration and participation in the Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • The SAMO will be based on “Ovation” platform. The installation of the upgraded Vandellos NPP Unit ¹2 SAMO is scheduled for the year 2013.

Vandellos NPP Unit ¹2 is a Westinghouse-design PWR unit commissioned in 1987.

Works for Shin Kori NPP (South Korea)
December 14, 2012

Westron has completed its works on independent code review of Safety System software for Units 3 and 4 of Shin Kori Nuclear Power Plant (South Korea).
The work has been carried out in several phases during last twenty months under series of contracts with Westinghouse Electric Company (USA). Westron has completed the independent code review ahead of contractual due dates that allowed the Customer to pass software certification with high quality and on time.
David Howell, Senior Vice President of Nuclear Automation, Westinghouse Electric Company in his letter has made a special mention of Westron role in the project that became an another good example of how Westron and Westinghouse can work together.
Good organization of independent code review process in Westron also has been noticed in a report issued after Westinghouse audit of Westron Quality Management System audit in September 2012.

26-28th of September, 2012 Westron was taking participation at the X International Trade Fair “Ukrainian Fuel-energy complex: the present and the future”, that was located in Kyiv.

At the exhibition, that was held in the context of Forum Westron presented information about systems developed and installed by the company on NPPs and TPPs of 14 countries. By the stand was demonstrated video about Westron, installation of TPI&CS on South Bagdad (Iraq)TPP’s power units, educational film about ACS BDES NPP. The informational materials about products of the company were also presented.

The representatives of Westron were taking participation in plenary session of the Day of autonomous energy that was held by NNEGC “Energoatom” with the bounds of International Forum.
Real-time digital diagnostic complex for generators’ excitation systems
July 23, 2012

Tests of a new real-time digital diagnostic complex (DDC) meant for tests and adjustments of NPP and TPP generators’ excitation systems (ES) have been successfully completed at Westron site. DDC was developed and manufactured jointly by Westron and National University “Lvivska Polytechnika” in accordance with South Ukraine NPP Technical Specification.
RDEPU ACS for Power Unit ¹1 at Rovno NPP were put into operation and maintenance phase
July 3, 2012

The reserve diesel-electric power units automatic control systems (RDEPU ACS) for Power Unit ¹1 at Rovno NPP have been put into the operation and maintenance phase. From December, 2010 in Rovno was conducted the pilot operation, during this time the high features of the RDEPU ACS supplying by the Westron have been confirmed.
If u want to know more about modernization project of RDEPU ACS at Rovno NPP see the article in “Energoatom of Ukraine” magazine (available only in Russian).

Procurement of RDEPU ACS for SU NPP Power Unit ¹1
July 5, 2012

Westron finished the shipment of the main equipment composed of three reserve diesel-electric power units automatic control systems (RDEPU ACS) for South-Ukrainian NPP. Three units of the S&HC (software and hardware complex) of the RDEPU ACS, excitation systems, relay protection systems, oil-electrical engine’s speed control systems, complete dispatch devices, low-voltage complete devices, sensors and other equipment were delivered.
Acceptance tests of the S&HC of the RDEPU ACS for Power Unit ¹1 at South-Ukrainian NPP were conducted within the Westron site in the end of May.
The S&HC of the RDEPU ACS is built on the “Vulkan-M” platform.
South-Ukrainian NPP became the third in which were installed the RDEPU ACS, created and built by the Westron. At present the similar RDEPU ACS are in the operation and maintenance phase in Armenia NPP (4 units) and Rovno NPP (3 units).
Procurement of PAMS for SU NPP Power Unit ¹1
August 3, 2012

Westron began the procurements of the post accident monitoring systems (PAMS) for SU NPP Power Unit ¹1 according to the contract with NNEGC “Energoatom”.
Software and Hardware Complex (SHC) PAMS is based on the Westron’s commercial hardware “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” and meant for the post accident monitoring of the reactor facility (RF) having for an object the providing of the RF’s parameters and systems control and control of the containment building during and after design-basis and beyond design-basis accidents on NPP with the help of the hardware corresponding to the requirements of the emergency and post emergency, especially concerning to the reliability, resistance to the external influencing factors and measurement limits.
PAMS is applied with the object of risk decreasing of the damage of the main technological equipment (particularly of the reactor’s active zone) and development of the damage situations by providing of the operating personnel, personnel of the engineering support group of the headquarters of the emergency works on the site by the information about condition of the security critical functions and effectiveness of the protective barriers and also direct reading of the emergency control equipment, during and after design-basis and beyond design-basis accidents (including heavy) for the time that is enough to switchover the reactor into stable condition and to make the actions provided by NPP’s emergency plan for mitigation of consequences in the future.

Westron LLC will participate in the International Trade Fair “Power Engineering For Ukrainian Industry 2012”
September 20, 2012

Westron LLC will participate in the X International Trade Fair “Power Engineering For Ukrainian Industry 2012”.
At the exhibition stand Westron LLC will present its control and monitoring systems and equipment which successfully operated at the Ukrainian and foreign Nuclear Power Plants and Thermal Power Plants, including:
  • Automatics of Emergency Diesel Generators;
  • Automatic Control Systems;
  • Radiation MonitoringSystems;
  • Chemical Monitoring Systems;
  • Diagnostic Systems;
  • I & C Systems for Thermal Power Plants.

We kindly invite all the specialists interested in our systems and equipment to visit our exhibition stand # M06.1 in the Exhibition Hall #1 of the International Exhibition Center at the following address: the city of Kiev, Brovarskoy prospect, 15. The fair will held during September 26-28, from 10:00 till 18:00.
Contact telephone numbers: +380-57-717-0611, +380-93-201-4010 (Doroshenko Konstantin Nikolaevich).
Westron took participation at the International Trade Fair: “Ukrainian Fuel-energy complex: the present and the future”
September 28, 2012
Westron's staff creative exhibition came about
September 28, 2012

In anticipation of its birthday Westron organized the exhibition of creative works of its employees. Its products of leisure-time activity was displayed for the public by two workers of Westron. For Dmitriy Levon, who is keen on wood engraving for 3 years or so it was not the first exhibition of his works. But for Irina Stepanenko, who is keen on making photos during long time set her works for the first time. Duration of the Exhibitions was 3 days not only workers of Westron could come and see it.
Westron celebrates its majority. Westrom is 18 years old now.
October 01, 2012

29th of September Westron was celebrating its 18th birthday.
The majority of our company was celebrated nontrivially. Instead of banal feast employees of Westron was going for a sightseeing tour. It looks like to celebrate the birthdays of Westron going for a trip become the good tradition for Westron’s employees. Mountaineering Hoverla and Blue Knob Hill (USA) for 15th birthday, trip to the Khortytsia last year and now the joint visit to Sviatohirsk. Westron’s employees visited the spiritual shrine located in 3 hours driving from Kharkov., it was Sviatohirsk Lavra. This trip presented to the work collective possibility to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Sviatohirsk Lavra’s nature, to emerge into the historical and spiritual atmosphere of Sviatohirsk land and of course the main thing is to communicate with each other informally.

Rovno NPP Unit ¹2 Reserve Diesel-Electric Power Units Automatic Control Systems  Have Been Successfully Put into Operation
November 5, 2012

Rovno NPP upgrade and implementation of Reserve Diesel-Electric Power Units Automatic Control Systems (RDEPU ACS) for the Unit 2 first, second and third trains of Safety System have been successfully completed. Operation have been done at breakneck speed in main owing to wide experience of Westron’s specialists which they had gained during putting into operation the last seven RDEPU ACSs.
During the upgrade process on each RDEPU have been made the replacement of old-fashioned and used up resource of control systems equipment by commercial software and hardware complex (SHC) ”Vulcan-M-RDES” manufactured by Westron means for reconstruction of control systems of diesel generators 15D100, ASD-5600, “Zulcer” and other models. Since 2009 Westron produced 13 sets of SHC for Armenian, Rovno and South Ukrainian NPPs.
During the upgrade process of control systems for Diesel-Generators of Rovno NPP Unit ¹2 it have been made by Westron the operation of complex designing and procurement of equipment for Diesel-Generator Rotary Speed Control, Generator Excitation Control and Protection, as well as 6kV switchgears, low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, gauge, instrumentation and cabling replacement.
The Interview with Mr. Chernyshov M.A., General Director of The Site
November 27, 2012

The interview with Mr. Chernyshov M.A., the General Director of Westron LLC "What for are "black boxes" meant on NPP" has been published in newspaper "Vremya" dated November 27, 2012.
Westron LLC

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