News of SU NPP at the TV Channel “Kvant”
January 20, 2014

Summing up the results of the year 2013 the TV channel “Kvant” (South-Ukraine city) devoted the considerable part of information broadcast “News of SU NPP” to the systems implemented for ensuring of extension of the operation term of the power unit No. 1. We are remind you that in 2013 the Westron company carried out the great amount of works at SU NPP, namely the delivery and putting into operation of the Information Storage System for Design-Basis and Beyond Design-Basis Accident Conditions ("Black Box"), post accidents monitoring system (PAMS), automatic control system backup diesel-electric stations (ACS BDES), Safety System emergency governors, system of the power unit containment tests by overpressure. Thus the post accident monitoring system (PAMS) is introduced for the first time at the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants.

You can see the video of the TV Channel “Kvant” here (available only in Ukrainian).

Award of the Zaporizhia NPP
January 22, 2014

The head of the complex Enlarge the picturedivision K3 of the Westron company Vladimir Skoromniy was awarded a commendation by ZNPP for the active participation in civil, wiring, commissioning and reconstruction works.
                                     On the photo you can see Mr. Skoromniy.
Contract on supply of equipment for Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria) is signed
March 17, 2014

Westron has signed with "Westinghouse Energy Systems LLC - Branch Bulgaria" the Contract on equipment supply for modernization of Instrumentation & Control System in Auxiliary Building No. 3 of Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria).
Westron’s scope of supply comprises the following:
  • design and manufacturing of the cabinets for current signals multiplication and powering of field sensors;
  • technical documentation development;
  • equipment qualification tests;
  • interfacing with Ovation equipment.

Equipment delivery to Bulgaria is scheduled on beginning of 2015.

ACS BDES of Rivne NPP Power Unit No. 2 Put into Commercial Operation
March 19, 2014

Automatic control systems backup diesel-electric stations (ACS BDES) of the Rivne NPP power unit No.2 have put into commercial operation. Operational testing which lasted from November 2012 at Rivne NPP has confirmed systems’ high technical and operational characteristics. Thirteen ACS BDES produced and implemented by Westron LLC are in use now at Ukrainian and Armenian NPPs.

Westron Has Concluded the Contract for Engineering Services rendering to Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria)
May 13, 2014

Westron LLC has concluded the Contract with Westinghouse Energy Systems LLC for Engineering Services rendering related to the project of the Modernization of Instrumentation & Control System in Auxiliary Building 3 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (Bulgaria).  The scope of Westron’s engineering works includes implementation of the macros and graphics displays for the new Instrumentation & Control System in Auxiliary Building 3 and also production of the related technical documentation.

Unit System of Essential Power Supply of the Rivne NPP
May 27, 2014

The commissioning and tests of the unit system of essential power supply (USEPS) of the Rivne NPP power unit No. 3 are successfully completed.

Software and Hardware Complex (SHC) USEPS is developed and produced by the Westron on the basis of "Vulcan /Vulcan-M" hardware. SHC is intended for management of diesel-generator set ASD 5600 and for providing with essential power supply II category consumers of normal operation systems of the RNPP power units No.No. 3, 4 in the conditions of deenergizing.

Implementation into operation of SHC USEPS of the Rivne NPP power unit No. 4 is planned for 2014.

Westron has a unique experience of modernization of automatic control systems backup diesel-electric stations (ACS BDES) for the nuclear power plants. Systems which developed and produced by the Westron are successfully operated at the nuclear power plants of Ukraine and other countries.

Working Meeting on OIDS EOP Project for KhNPP
May 28, 2014

The working meeting of experts of KhNPP and Westron on the project "Development and Implementation of an Automated Operator Information Display System Based on Algorithms of Symptom-Based Emergency Operating Procedures" (OIDS EOP) took place at Khmelnitsky NPP.

You can get more information about the project and meeting from the site of Khmelnitsky NPP. (available only in Russian)
Westinghouse employees training in Westron
February 19, 2014

From February 11 to 18 at the training center of Westron the training on fundamentals of maintenance of I&CS SW implemented at Asco NPP (PU No. 1, 2) and Almaraz NPP (PU No. 1, 2) (Spain) was carried out for employees of Westinghouse Technology Services (Spain). The training was carried out by specialists of Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) and Westron. The engineer of WEC Matt Silbaugh who was carried out Óâĺëč÷čňü ôîňîthe training on use of software tools for development of applications for NPPs has noted the high level of training carrying out with relation to hardware and presentation of training material by Westron’s specialists.
With “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” S&H platform you can design distributed digital systems of different architecture and capacities which have high technical and operational characteristics and meet the requirements. The platform is based on modern approaches in design and system construction and considers the maximum experience in industrial automation systems creation and operation and also considers the electronic and SW development trends. The platform is constantly improving and developing. Westron’s commercial hardware and software platform “Vulcan/Vulcan-M” meets in full all Ukrainian normative requirements (including requirements to the equipment of NPP safety systems), and also international requirements for the electromagnetic compatibility and external climate and mechanical forces including seismic resistance.

For its history the company has successfully realized and continues to perform a great number of projects in 15 countries of 4 continents. A lot of our systems are in operation at all Ukrainian NPPs. A lot of projects have been performed for NPPs of Russia, Armenia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The most important projects for fossil power plants have been performed in Iraq, including replacement of whole I&C at South Bagdad fossil power Units. Westron closely cooperates with Westinghouse Electric Company. Jointly with this company Westron performs works on information and control systems of NPPs in Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, SAR, China, Korea and other countries.

For today “Westron“ is the team of more than 200 qualified experts which strives and can create high-quality reliable product, which is in line with all up-to-date requirements.

Highest degree of professionalism, competence and experience of the personnel; modern design and manufacture equipment; and dynamic development are the main characteristics of Westron that make our company one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine engaged in the field of Monitoring & Control Systems for NPPs, thermal power stations and other industrial enterprises.

We are grateful to all our Customers and Partners for our joint interesting works, for friendly and fruitful atmosphere, for understanding and support.

On September 29, our Company celebrates its 20th anniversary. During these years, “Westron” became the one of leading Ukrainian enterprises in the field of development of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems for objects of power generation branch. Westron performs the whole scope of works on Automated Process Control Systems (PCS) purposed for industrial enterprises, including I&C systems design, manufacture, tests, deliveries, implementation, and maintenance for nuclear and fossil power plants, and for other industries.
Westron through children's eyes
June 3, 2014

An Open-Door Day was held for children of Westron employees. Drawing competition “Westron through children’s eyes” was held under this activity. 30 children took participation in this competition. Winners in each of the three age categories were determined through the votes of Westron employees. Children were Enlarge the pictureinvited to visit the Westron in the day of summing up of the competition where excursion and entertainment was waiting for them. All children received gifts and prizes.

Follow this link to see some photos of the activity.
Unit System of Essential Power Supply of Rivne NPP
August 21, 2014

The commissioning and tests of the unit system of essential power supply (USEPS) of Rivne NPP power unit No. 4 are successfully completed.  Similar system for power unit No. 3 has been put into operation on May, 2014. USEPS is created on the basis of Software and Hardware Complex (SHC) developed and produced by the Westron and provides power to the most responsible contributors of backup diesel power-generation plants (BDPGP) ASD 5600 in the conditions of deenergizing. USEPS implementation for power units No.3 and 4 of Rivne NPP has been fulfilled according to Ukrainian NPPs safety level raising comprehensive program.

Factory Acceptance Tests of PAMS Optional Equipment for Power Unit No.1 of SU NPP
September 12, 2014

Factory acceptance tests of the post accident monitoring system (PAMS) optional equipment for the power unit No. 1 of Southern Ukrainian nuclear power plant has been successfully carried out on September 10-11, 2014. Additional cabinets of consolidated reliable power supply of external consumers and additional equipping sets for software and hardware complex (SHC) PAMS installed at the power unit for increasing sensors nomenclature of emergency means of measurement and monitoring and digital communication channels with external users are the parts of supplied equipment.
SHC PAMS is based on Westron's design and commercial "Vulcan/ Vulcan-M" hardware and has been put into operational testing during outage-2013.

Meeting on the European Commission Project
November 3, 2014

The next meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG) on the European Commission project "Development and Implementation of an automated operator information display system based on algorithms of symptom-based emergency operating procedures U1.05/09T3" (OIDS EOP) for Ukrainian NPPs was held in Czech Republic (Temel?n NPP) in October 30 - 31.
Leading experts of NNEGC Energoatom, Khmelnytska NPP, South-Ukraine NPP, Zaporizhzhya NPP, Rivne NPP, Joint Research Centre, Westinghouse Electric Czech Republic and Westron LLC took part in this meeting.

Westron representatives have informed participants with the information about state of project implementation for pilot NPP (KhNPP) and demonstrated operation of the OIDS EOP during emergency situations prevention in power unit, they also provided tools for electronic EOPs development and support during its operation.

As a result of the meeting it was decided that solutions implemented in the system provide effective operators support during emergency procedures implementation, the OIDS EOP of KhNPP (pilot NPP) can be used as a basis for the OIDS EOP development at all Ukrainian NPPs.

Westron Quality Management System Compliance Audit with the Standard ISO 9001:2008
October 23, 2014

Westron passed quality management system audit on compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Certificate validity was approved by this audit. Audit was provided by specialists of certification agency "TUV SUD".

South-Ukrainian NPP Unit No.1 Information Storage System Acceptance Tests  in Design Based and Beyond Design Based Accidents Conditions ("black box")
October 28, 2014

Acceptance tests of South-Ukrainian NPP unit No.1 information storage system designed by Westron LLC in design based and upon design based accidents conditions ("black box") have been successfully carried out. System compliance to specified technical requirements and characteristics and system readiness for commissioning has been confirmed.
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