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Westron LLC

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Qualification audit of Westron's quality management system

January 18, 2019
In January 14 -17, 2019, Westron's qualifying audit of the quality management system was conducted at the enterprise by specialists of the Quality Program Westinghouse Electric Co. Department (USA).

The purpose of the audit was to confirm compliance with the requirements of the ASME NQA-1 2008, NQA-1a 2009 standard.
The Kick-off project modernization meeting of the SDGS ACS for RNPP unit No.4 and KhNPP unit No.2.

February 22, 2019
In February 22, 2019 the kick-off meeting under the 14404 CCSUP close-out actions was held at the SE NNEGC Energoatom "The standby diesel-generators control system modernization" in terms of bidding the credit facility of EBRD RFP-14404-164-GOODS-1 with the participation of CCSUP Project  Management Unit, EDP SE NNEGC Energoatom, SS Atomkomplekt, SS RNPP, SS KhNPP and the representatives of the Company's Supplier "NUVIA a.s."(Czech Republic) and Westron LLC.
The main objective of the meeting is to determine the priority areas for the implementation of the works on standby diesel generator station automatic control systems (SDGS ACS) modernization of RNPP unit No.4 and KhNPP unit No.2 in terms of the repair campaign planned for 2019-2020.
Commissioning of the First Safety System SDGS ACS of KhNPP Unit  No.1.

March 01, 2019
The first safety system standby diesel generator station automatic control system (SDGS ACS) supplied by Westron was commissioned at KhNPP Unit No.1. During the tests, the required characteristics of the system were confirmed, including the start-up time of the diesel generator.
The work is performed under the contract No.14404-152-GOODS-1 within which diesel-generator ASD-5600 SDGS ACS of RNPP Unit No.3 and KhNPP Unit No.1 is under reconstruction.
Cosmonautics Day

April 12, 2019
On this day it is habitual to honor the scientists, engineers, constructors and everyone who is related to the space industry. For Westron it is celebration too. Many of our employees in the past worked in Khartron and directly participated in the development of the control systems for rocket & space industry.
The excursion into museum of Khartron, conducted by general director of Westron Chernyshov M.A., was organized for young and newly hired employees of Westron.
There is a tradition in Westron: to launch the models of rockets into sky by the forces of the company enthusiasts on the Day of Cosmonautics. The rocket launches on April 12, 2019 proved to be absolutely successful: the rocket took off into the sky and landed safely all four times.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine visited Westron

April 19, 2019.
In frame of working visit Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin visited Westron.
In Westron the Minister acquainted with the research and production base and products of the company.
Pavel Klimkin gave a high evaluation to working results of Westron for objects of nuclear and thermal power of Ukraine and foreign countries.
Equipment for Current Multipliers Systems of the Units No. 5,6 of Kozloduy NPP

April 26, 2019.
Westron delivered a pilot set of equipment for Current Multipliers (RT) Systems of the Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP.

The development, manufacture and supply were carried out under Westron's contract with Westinghouse Energy Systems LLC - Branch Bulgaria, which is the lead organization for the Project to upgrade the RT Systems of the Units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP.
The contract has been signed for the supply of power sources for Temelin NPP (Czech Republic)

April 25, 2019.
Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company have signed a Contract for the development and supply of an updated line of power sources for the equipment of Temelin NPP safety systems (Czech Republic). The power supplies newly developed by Westron should be fully functional analogs of the sources of the Case 70 (Lambda, USA) and C70-W (Westron, Ukraine) series sources that are currently used at the Temelin NPP in Eagle equipment cabinets. Delivery of the first batch of power supplies is planned by the end of this year.
SDGS ACS of the three Safety Trains of the Unit 1 of KhNPP put into operation

July 29, 2019.
On the Unit 1 of KhNPP all three standby diesel generator station automatic control systems (SDGS ACS) of safety trains supplied by Westron put into operation. All works were done within minimal time.
Works are carried out under the contract No.14404-152-GOODS-1, in the fame of which the reconstruction of SDGS ACS of ASD-5600 diesel generators of the Unit 3 of RNPP and Unit 1 of KhNPP is carried out.
Supply of the pilot sample of the software and hardware complex of the automatic control system for standby diesel generator station (SDGS ACS) of the Unit 4 of RNPP and Unit 2 of KhNPP.

July 26, 2019.
After successful completion at the Westron site of factory acceptance tests of the pilot sample of the automatic control system for standby diesel power stations (SDGS ACS ) of the Unit 4 of RNPP and Unit 2 of KhNPP, Westron delivered the software and hardware complex of SDGS ACS  for the first safety train of the Unit 4 of RNPP to the Czech Republic, to the company "NUVIA as", which will  supply the complete set of the SDGS ACS equipment to the RNPP under the project RFP-14404-164-GOODS-1.
The equipment implementation at the power unit is scheduled for the outage 2019.
Contract for the supply of equipment for the Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria) was signed

September 06, 2019.
Westron and Westinghouse Electric Company (Bulgarian branch) signed a contract for the supply of "Vulcan" equipment (manufactured by Westron) for upgrade of normal operation systems for the reactor and turbine departments of units 5 and 6 of the Kozloduy NPP.
Equipment delivery is scheduled for 2020 - 2021 years.
SDGS ACS Upgrade of RNPP Power Unit No. 4

September 23, 2019.
At power unit 4 of RNPP is continuing works to modify the automatic control system of backup diesel-electric station (ACS BDES).
-    information at the website of RNPP

Westron Won "Honest Taxpayer - 2018" Rating

September 27, 2019.
Recertification Audit of Westron's Quality Management System Conformity to ISO 9001:2015

October 01, 2019.
Westron passed recertification audit of quality management system. Based on audit results Westron's Quality Management System conformity to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 has been confirmed. The audit was held by representatives of the certification body "TUV SUD".
Awards of NNEGC "Energoatom" to Westron's Employees

September 30, 2019.
    Several employees of "Westron" LLC were awarded by the Order No.1189-k dated 09/25/19 from the SE NNEGC "Energoatom" for their conscientious collaboration, personal contribution into development and implementation of I&C systems for nuclear power plants of Ukraine and on the occasion of the 25-th anniversary of the entity foundation.
In particular, General Director Chernyshov Mikhail is awarded by the badge "Honorary worker in the sphere of nuclear energy" of the SE NNEGC "Energoatom"
    The following employees were awarded with a mark of distinction "For significant contribution to development of the Ukraine's nuclear energy" of the SE NNEGC "Energoatom":
Technical Director  Golovchenko Valerii, 
Leading Specialist Doroshenko Konstantin,
Leading Specialist Kudinov Yurii,
Department Head Matkov Aleksandr,
Department Head Skoromnyi Vladimir.
Westron became the winner of the regional round of the All-Ukrainian rating "Honest taxpayers of Ukraine" based on results of  business activity in 2018. The purpose of this rating is to create favorable conditions for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the government and business and to reward the achievements of the best taxpayers. Westron won in the category "Honest taxpayer in the field of law, consulting, scientific and technical activity".